Instructions to participate in IEO CropBytes (CBX) on MEXC Launchpad

Instructions to participate in IEO CropBytes (CBX) on MEXC Launchpad


2021-12-21 15:27:07

Recently, the MEXC exchange announced the upgrade of SpaceM to MEXC Launchpad and at the same time held the first IEO on this platform. The first project chosen by the MEXC launcher to host an IEO is Cropbytes (CBX).

What is CropBytes (CBX)?

CropBytes is a Metaverse game project that has been in development since 2018. In the game, players will build farms, grow crops, raise animals and produce goods. After harvesting and trading products, players will receive game coins.

The CBX utility token is an integral part of the CropBytes world. They are associated with all activities in the game.

CropBytes’ vision is towards creating real value for players around the world in the form of cryptocurrency.

Project highlights

  • The fundamental innovation in the game is the Balanced Economy. This sets CropBytes apart from all the games currently on the market.
  • CropBytes offers a healthy mix of Fungible Tokens (FT) & Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) while most other games on the market focus solely on NFT. This solves many problems of liquidity, high frequency trading, low friction trading, ultimately increasing the market capitalization of the game.
  • CropBytes owns an active and strong community of players with more than 3 years of construction. In addition, this is also one of the few Crypto games available on Playstore, Appstore and Web.

Project link information

Total supply and allocation of tokens

Instructions to participate in IEO CropBytes (CBX) on MEXC Launchpad

Step 1: First you need a MEXC account:

Registration link:

Step 2: Visit the Launchpad section on the home page of the MEXC app and read the notes carefully.

Step 3: Select the IEO you want to buy

Step 4: Hold MX and wait for registration date

Step 5: Stages of participation

MEXC’s first launchpad will adopt a dial-up format.

  • You need to hold MX in the spot wallet for 5 days before the draw date (23:00 on October 30 – 22:59 on November 4)
  • Snapshot Time: October 30 to November 4, 2021
  • Ticket pick up time: 07:00, November 2 – 07:00, November 5 (Vietnam time)
  • Dial time: 23:00, November 4 and 9:00, November 5 (Vietnam time)
  • Result announcement time: 11:00, November 5 (Vietnam time)
  • Time of property deduction: 22:00, November 5 (Vietnam time)
  • Tokens allocated per ticket: 500 CBX
  • Token price in IEO: 0.10 USDT
  • Average number of MX tokens that the user holds will be used to determine how many tickets the user can get. Snapshot will be taken randomly several times per day.

Terms and condition

  1. To ensure fairness of all participants, after the user has clicked and agreed to participate in the draw, the respective MX tokens in the user’s account will be frozen. MX is frozen for the duration of the event and will not be able to withdraw or trade.
  2. The holding round is limited to “Available” MX users in their spot wallet and will not affect frozen MXs. Users who join MX DeFi during the event period will not be able to join MEXC Launchpad.
  3. Users must complete KYC to participate in the IEO.
  4. MEXC is the ultimate decision maker for the event.

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Hope this article will help you in the process of participating in IEO on MEXC Launchpad. CHK wishes you successful trading and reaping profits.

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