Instructions to participate in Testnet ODDZ on BSC in detail

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2021-06-08 11:35:52

What is Oddz (ODDZ)?

Oddz Finance is a multi-chain options trading platform like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polkadot. In addition to the multi-chain transaction highlight, Oddz is highly customizable, with almost zero gas fees, allowing users to make precise transactions thanks to oracle integration in the protocol.

ODDZ is the native token that represents the Oddz ecosystem and acts as a Governance token. Besides, ODDZ is also used to pay transaction fees, staking to receive rewards and as rewards in referral bonus programs.

Testnet Program Information & Rewards

Recently, Oddz has officially announced the Oddz Incentivized Testnet event on Binance Smart Chain for the community. Brothers who participate in the test experience also have the opportunity to receive the ODDZ airdrop.

Specific ongoing events are as follows:

Airdrop – Oddz Incentivized Testnet

Total Prize: $10,000 ODDZ tokens for this airdrop.

Testnet time: 07/06/2021 to 06/07/2021.

Airdrop release time: from 1:00 am on 09/07/2021.

Conditions of participation:

  • Participants need to buy at least one Options contract or add USDC test tokens to the Liquidity Pool on Oddz.
  • Fill out and submit the form by July 6, 2021.
  • ODDZ tokens will be allocated to participants in the wallet (BEP-20).

Bug Bounty Event

Total Prize: $10,000 ODDZ tokens.

Program start time: from June 25, 2021.

Conditions of participation:

  • All those wishing to participate must submit the form by June 25.
  • Finding bugs during Testnet, bug submissions will be reviewed by Oddz technical team and feedback afterwards.
  • Priority errors include Smart Contracts (user authentication, EVM, synergies, scalability, no gas fees,…).
  • Note that if you do not respond or disclose these errors, you will not receive the airdrop in the program.

Instructions to join Testnet ODDZ on BSC

First, you need to add the Binance Smart Chain testnet on the Metamask wallet first. If you haven’t added it, click “Add Network” & fill in the following parameters:

Note: You need to have a Telegram account that has been active for at least 3 months & save the newly created BEP-20 testnet address to fill out the form to receive the airdrop.

Step 1: Complete the registration form

Brothers access the form here (this information will be kept confidential by the system).

After completing the form, tick “I accept…” & click “Submit” to send.

Step 2: Access to Oddz Testnet

Brothers accessing Testnet Oddz here & click “Connect Wallet”.

To request a test token, we click “Peggy Tokens” on the screen. You will then be asked to provide a receiving address.

Note: These tokens will be stored in the wallet for up to 7 days, if this number runs out before time, you have to wait until the end of the 7th day to receive more test tokens for yourself.


The testnet program will last about 1 month, so you will have more time to participate in testing on this new platform.

When participating in the Testnet, any detected fraudulent activity will be removed from the challenge, and still the old saying, this is the testnet, there will be some errors during implementation, you can capture the error there & participate in the Bug Bounty for a chance to get more airdrops for you.

Wishing you success.

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