Instructions to participate in Token Sale Swarm on Coinlist

Instructions to participate in Token Sale Swarm on Coinlist

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2021-06-06 09:22:36

What is Swarm?

Swarm is a decentralized communication and storage system by creating peer-to-peer network nodes, which are executed through smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. Besides, BZZ is a native token of Swarm Network.

Conditions to participate in Token Sale Swarm (BZZ) on Coinlist

Currently, Coinlist has an official announcement for detailed BZZ sales rounds, please refer to the following:

  • Registration time will be ends at 19 o’clock June 11, 2021 (Vietnam time).
  • Payment: BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT.
  • When you win tickets to buy BZZ, you can pay at that time or pay later.

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Information about Token Sale Swarm rounds on Coinlist

Option 1

  • Sale time: starting at 00:00 on June 15, 2021 to 11:59 pm on the same day (Vietnam time).
  • Release: Unlocked on 08/02/2021.
  • Purchase price limit: min $100 & max $500.
  • Total tokens: 5,173,934 BZZ.
  • Selling price: $1.92.

Option 2

  • Sale time: starting at 00:00 on June 16, 2021 to 11:59 a.m. on June 16, 2021 (Vietnam time).
  • Release: Unlocked on 08/02/2021.
  • Purchase price limit: minimum $100 & maximum $10,000.
  • Total tokens: the number of remaining tokens.
  • Selling price: $1.92.

You should note that Option 2 will be opened when the Option 1 sale still has a balance of tokens, if the buying demand is high, the possibility that Option 2 will not open again, so those who are interested in the project should consider selection prompt.

How to register to participate

You can access it by clicking on the link sent via email here.

Step 1: Click “Register Now” to register to participate.

Step 2: Similar to the previous token sales, please log in to your Coinlist account and select “Get Started” in the project.

Step 3: Complete Swarm Quiz.

This is the last step to complete the registration, you need to complete the system’s questionnaire as follows.

1. What is Swarm built on?

Reply: Ethereum.

2. What is the technical paper describing the overall vision of Swarm?

Reply: Book of Swarm.

3. Who participates in Swarm’s fair data economy?

Reply: Node operators.

4. How many tokens are allocated to the CoinList sale (Options 1 and 2 collectively)?

Reply: 5,173,934 tokens.

5. How is the allocated token pool divided between Options 1 and 2?

Reply: All tokens are allocated to Option 1 initially. If tokens remain after the Option 1 sale ends, the remaining tokens will roll over to the Option 2 sale.

6. What is the sale mechanism for the Swarm sale?

Reply: Users in the waiting room for the sale will be given a random spot in the queue when the sale starts. Users who arrive after the sale starts for the sale will be placed behind those in the waiting room.

7. What currencies are accepted for payment in the sale?


8. What is the price per token and max purchase for the sale?

Reply: Option 1: $1.92 per token, $500 limit. Option 2: $1.92 per token, $10,000 limit.

9. What will happen if someone submits a purchase but doesn’t complete it?

Reply: The user’s purchase may be canceled and the user may be banned from future CoinList sales.

10. Where will I be able to participate in the token sale?


11. What happens to a user who use bots or abuse the Queue-It system?

Reply: The user’s account will be terminated and all purchases will be cancelled.

After answering the question, you click “Tiếp tục” to complete and submit the Quiz.


After completing the registration, you just need to wait until the sale date to get in line to win tickets to buy Swarm, token sales on Coinlist are often interested by the community, so the number of participants will be quite large. A small tip I want to share is that you can enter 30 to 45 minutes earlier than the opening time, the higher your chances of winning the buying slot.

However, this is a new project, you need to learn carefully the information, as well as certain risks before participating.

Wishing you success.


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