Instructions to turn off automatic startup of MacOS when opening the screen

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2022-01-11 22:43:05

Apple equips MacBook models with a lot of useful features, in order to provide a better experience when using. For example, use one hand to open the screen, smart sleep mode helps the device work again quickly, automatically start the device when flipping / opening the screen or a series of shortcuts for many different functions.. .

However, not everyone loves those available features, forcing users to find a way to turn them off during use. One of the controversial features on the MacBook is the ability to automatically start the machine when the user opens the screen. This is a smart feature that helps users avoid pressing the power key when opening the screen, but not everyone is satisfied with this.

Instructions to turn off the auto-start feature when opening the screen

Step 1: Open the Terminal app by searching for it in Spotlight or going to Applications → Utilities → Terminal.

Step 2: Type in the command line sudo nvram AutoBoot= then press Enter

Step 3: Enter the machine’s password and press Enter again

Step 4: Restart the machine and from here on your MacBook will no longer automatically start when the screen is turned on.

If you want to return to the state of opening the screen to start the machine as before, repeat the above steps and type the command line “sudo nvram AutoBoot=”

Note that the above command line only works with MacBook devices running Intel chips. The MacBook lines using the M1 chip have been removed by Apple from this command line function.

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