Interesting facts about Malaysia you may not know

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2021-06-09 20:10:18

Malaysia has very interesting things such as beautiful beaches, diverse cuisine, unique culture… Read the article below to know more interesting facts about Malaysia.

1. Malaysians have an intense passion for football. In important football matches, Malaysians always give their best support and enthusiastically support the home team.

2. Malaysia is a multicultural country, with backgrounds from China and India with many different ethnicities. So this country is a collection of diversity in languages, cuisines and cultures.

3. In addition to Malay, English is also used as the official language in this country.

4. Malaysia is home to the world’s largest flower that smells of corpses called Rafflesia. It is estimated that Malaysia possesses 14,500 species of plants, 600 species of birds, 200 species of mammals, more than 200 species of lizards and 200 species of mammals.

6. 62% of Malaysia’s population is Muslim, so when you come to this country, you should avoid showing affection in public or wearing off-the-shoulder clothes.

Traditional Malaysian costume phục

7. Baju Kurung is the traditional costume of Malaysians, they love them and are ready to wear them for any occasion including important events. Malaysian men love to wear pink, orange and glittery clothes too.

8. In Malaysia, durian is known as the “King of fruits” with a more delicious taste than other countries. Malaysia has a unique red-fleshed durian that is rarely seen. In addition, mangosteen is also very popular here and is known as the “Fruit Queen” in Malaysia.

9. Malaysia has 65,877km of highways, which is longer than the circumference of the Earth at 40,075km.

Malaysians eat with their right hand

10. Malaysians eat with their right hand, left-handed people eat with their right hand, and liquid foods like curry are also eaten with their hands. According to the concept of Malaysians, the right hand represents “good” with the right, justice and noble nature, while the left hand represents “evil” including negative, evil and dirty elements Holding food with the left hand is taboo.


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