Interesting mysteries about the fruits we eat every day

Interesting mysteries about the fruits we eat every day


2021-03-29 08:52:03

The familiar fruits that we still eat and see every day contain interesting facts that you may never know.

1. Microwave fresh grapes may cause an explosion

Grapes are “heat-resistant” fruit. So if you microwave the grapes, experiencing high temperatures in the oven, the risk of them catching fire and causing dangerous fire is quite high.

2. The fruit with the most vitamin C is not oranges

Oranges are a fruit that contains the most vitamin C but they are not the fruit with the most nutrients. Familiar fruits like guava, papaya, bell peppers and strawberries are the ones that contain the most vitamin C.

3. The most famous fruit in the world is the tomato

Tomato is the most famous fruit in the world. They are called by the French by the romantic name “the apple of love”, while the Germans call this fruit “the apple of heaven”. However, few people know that, when first discovered, the tomato shaped very similar to the black cherry, an extremely poisonous fruit, so it is also considered a poisonous fruit to stay away from.

Much later, Thomas Jefferson “unjustly” for the tomato, striving to propagate about the use and benefits of this fruit. Finally in 1824, tomatoes became a regular fruit in the daily diet of many people around the world.

4. Square watermelon

Square watermelon

To make it easy to store in the refrigerator as well as easy to transport it further, the Japanese have devised a way to grow square watermelon. To create this distinctive square shape, 40-day-old melons are pressed into transparent square plastic molds and carefully cared for. From the idea of ​​growing square watermelon, the Japanese also created other special shaped melons such as triangles, heart shapes …

5. The tree has more than 40 types of fruit

The tree has more than 40 types of fruit

Sam Van Aken, an artist and professor at Syracuse University (USA) has created a special cultivar using the shoot grafting technique. This variety can produce more than 40 different types of fruit with seeds including peaches, nectarines, apricots, almonds. In spring, this particular plant becomes incredibly vibrant with a variety of eye-catching pink and purple shades. By summer, those colorful flowers will begin to bear fruit.

6. Durian, the most “hated” fruit in the world

Durian fruit has the ugly shape and smells the most difficult in the world. In some Asian countries, durian is a fruit that is prohibited from carrying on buses or hotels.

7. Pineapple used to be a fruit for the nobility

In the 1700s, pineapples used to be very expensive. So in order to flaunt their wealth, when there is a party, American landlords often rent a pineapple and carry it around during the party.

8. Butter also needs pairs

Butter also needs pairs

Avocado is a very special plant because in order to perform the pollination it needs another avocado tree on its side, not self-pollinating. Therefore, the avocado is considered a symbol of couple love for a nomadic tribe in northern Mexico.


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