Introducing the game SPACE SIP – Exploring the mysterious universe

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2021-10-13 00:47:26

After millions of years of traveling through space, you’ve finally found your way to a new life. The shining lighthouse that guides your journey is a sleek white vessel with an even more beautiful name: “SPACE SIP”.

Surely each of us will have a childhood associated with video games and space games are an indispensable piece in this picture. The universe is an extremely large and mysterious space with hundreds of planets that have yet to be discovered by humans. This is the main factor that helps this game attract a lot of players.

However, the older we get, the more busy we are with work to make a living and don’t have much time to experience new games. If there is a solution that allows us to both play games and earn money, that would be really great!

Don’t be too surprised because that solution actually exists. CHK will introduce to you a project Play-To-Earn Crypto & NFT Blockchain Game. That is Space SIP.

This is a project that can both help you return to your childhood with the space game genre, and can be played for money thanks to its integration with blockchain technology, along with improvements in gameplay to keep up with the world. the latest trends.

Let’s CHK Check out the important information of the project to make the right investment decision!

1. What is Space SIP?

Space SIP (SIP) is a role-playing game for money developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform and integrated with Non-Fungible Token technology.

Space SIP aims to build a metaverse including connected planets. Players can travel from planet to planet and connect with everyone in the universe. On each planet, there will be many games for everyone to choose from.

To participate in the Space SIP universe, players need to equip space ships and weapons. These items will help players earn $SIP tokens – a tradable cryptocurrency that helps players earn game income.

2. Game Overview

2.1. Plot

Millions of years ago, the big bang created many different types of elements. Four types have been identified so far and they are:

️Lightning (a form of energy)
🔥 Fire (can be hot or cold)
💧 Water (which is a liquid state)
🪨 Earth – the most common type found on the Earth we live on today.

The elements had a never-ending war, until the 4 elements ran out of energy and dissolved into dust and created many planets with different elements. During that time army scientists used the time machine and went back in time, they witnessed the whole war of cosmic elements. And they found the point of confrontation.

2.2. Gameplay


Each character and item in the game will be assigned a factor.

There are 4 main elements in the game: fire, earth, lightning, water. Each element will have its own strength and will also be countered by another element (eg fire >< water). Therefore, the factor is also an important factor determining victory or defeat in the war.

Spaceship – Spaceship

Players can build their own spaceships at the Base Station. Crafting costs are calculated in $SIP tokens. Each craft created starts at level 1 and is randomly assigned to one of the four main factors. Spaceships will gain experience points and level up when participating in in-game activities (PVP combat, PVE combat, mining, etc.).

A spaceship will include the following stats: class, rarity, level cap, fuel, HP, damage level, number of rockets (battle weapon), godsen (luck stat), fusion ( upgrade index).

Gems – Gems system

Gems are items that can create powerful effects to support space ships. The rarer the gem (common < legendary), the stronger the effect it creates.


Planets are mining pools where players can send their spacecraft and mine $SIP tokens.

Mining – Mining

  • Genesis mining: The type of mining that anyone can participate in with an unlimited number of mining spacecraft. Each spaceship can mine $SIP until the ship runs out of fuel
  • Raffle mining: This is a type of mining that is limited in terms of number of participants, spaceship as well as mining time.

If the spaceships have the same factor as the planet they mine, additional rewards are distributed. The percentage of rewards allocated will depend on the rarity of the spacecraft.

Fighting PvE

Requires 3 airships in a combat fleet and 5 fuel consumption per ship to perform a PvE mission.

Fight against harassers (PvP)

Every day, billions of monsters invade the universe. They reach the mining planets, interrupting the process and slowing down the rate of mining.

To restore the mining state, the player needs to destroy these creatures so that the spaceships can continue to mine $SIP without interruption. Players earn XP rewards from killing these creatures.

Daily quests

There will be daily quests to help players earn rewards: daily check-in, fight enemies, defeat enemies, use a gem, etc.

Achievement Reward

In addition to daily tasks, SIP also has achievement rewards when players complete certain levels set by the game: check-in continuously for a number of days, fight and defeat with a certain number of enemies, recharge or withdraw an amount of SIP…

2.3. Reward

Players receive two types of rewards for successfully defeating an opponent, $SIP and character experience. The $SIP reward depends on the strength of the defeated enemy. Experience earned is assigned to the ship that wins the battle.

Early withdrawal fee

To prevent players from withdrawing and selling $SIP day by day and causing the token price to drop, Space SIP charges a % fee on a withdrawal transaction. Withdrawal fees will start at 15% and gradually decrease 1%/day to 0%. Every time a player withdraws, the fee will be reset to 15%.

2.4. Marketplace

Space SIP allows players to craft their own NFTs (characters and items). The right to sell and trade is completely in the hands of the player. Space SIP deploys a marketplace to make this a reality. Players can search for ships and items listed by other players to buy as well as list their own characters and items on the marketplace.

Marketplace offers features: buy, sell, rent and lease spaceships.

The platform will charge 10% per transaction ($SIP). This fee will be injected directly into the smart contract to provide rewards for battles.

3. How to make money with Space SIP?

Space SIP uses a play to earn model – Play to Earn – by distributing $SIP through mining and in-game activities, giving value to in-game NFTs by increasing their use through future features. NFTs can be freely traded in the market via $SIP. The $SIP is then convertible to fiat currency on exchanges.

Currently, there are the following options for players to make money:

  • Send spaceships to planets to mine $SIP
  • Participate in battles
  • Participate in in-game events
  • Build spaceships and sell them to other players
  • Etc

4. Introducing Space SIP token

4.1. Basic information

$SIP is the foundation token of Space SIP. Players need to own $SIP to pay for in-game transactions and activities.

  • Chain: Binance Smart Chain & Polygon
  • Contract: updating
  • Total supply: 1 billion

Activities that earn $SIP:

  • Exploit
  • Win battles (PVE, PVP)
  • Win in-game events
  • Staking

Operations that consume $SIP:

  • Crafting a spaceship
  • Crafting gems
  • Transaction fee
  • Withdrawal fee

4.2. Token Allocation

5. Roadmap

6. Partners and investors

7. Project construction team

The Space SIP development team is a group of experienced people who have come together to create this innovative project. The developers of Space SIP have experience in many fields of technology and they also come from well-known domestic and foreign companies. They all come from different backgrounds but share a common goal: renew!

Find out more about the project at:

Join the CHK group to update the information as soon as possible!

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