Introducing the Meta Spatial project – An innovative metaverse gaming platform

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2021-11-07 14:26:10

Meta Spatial is a Metaverse virtual universe researched – developed by Spatial Studio and inspired by science fiction novels. Spatial is an infinity universe where the dimensions are linked together through the Spatial Portal.

After the success of the first Axie Infinity – Play-To-Earn NFT Game from Vietnam, a series of GameFi projects were born.

However, many of these projects focus on “Earn” and ignore a very important part that is “Play”. So these projects are often referred to as Click-to-Earn. For a P2E project to exist and develop in the long term, there needs to be a close coordination between both the “Play” and “Earn” parts. Therefore, when deciding to invest in a GameFi project, we need to carefully consider two parts: gameplay and economy mechanism on Blockchain.

To help you find the gems in your tank and get useful investment information, CHK will introduce a GameFi project with a true Play-To-Earn mechanism along with an extremely interesting metaverse universe experience. That is Meta Spatial.

Let’s CHK space exploration Meta Spatial to discover the interesting hidden deep inside the game offline!

1. What is Meta Spatial?

Meta Spatial is a virtual universe Metaverse researched – developed by Spatial Studio and is inspired by science fiction novels. Spatial is an infinity universe where the dimensions are linked together through the Spatial Portal.

Spatial studio will build fantasy spaces in stages through understanding ideas from the community, especially the DAO community.

Meta Spatial will bring users the most realistic and rich experiences by creating different infinity spaces and applying XR – virtual reality and augmented reality – in the Meta Spatial ecosystem.

As a member of the Spatial virtual universe, players will have the freedom to create digital assets in the form of NFTs, put them on the marketplace to experience different spaces. Meta Spatial also aims to bring blockchain into the mainstream game, appealing to both crypto and non-crypto gamers by providing the advantages of real ownership of in-game items, scarcity of in-game assets, and scarcity of in-game assets. games, monetization and interaction.

2. Spatial Structure of Meta Spatial

Meta Spatial is developing two beta phases, the first being Meta Spatial Moon, and the second stage is Meta Spatial Galaxy. The next stages of development will be endorsed and decided by the DAO community.

2.1. Meta Spatial – Moon

Meta Spatial Moon is a fictional space involving a wormhole, where gamers will experience a vivid space with many historical and modern characters under a map with epic views. Moreover, gamers can participate in the Battle Royale arena and earn money from the matches as well as own the lands.

Players will become Meta warriors by purchasing NFT characters or creating their own NFT characters. In the game, players can fight bosses, fight for survival to choose the best. In addition, gamers can also choose to play in a team mode with the form of 5 v 5.

Moon Map – map

Players can freely create Moon map and the DAO community will vote to decide whether the map is approved or not. If approved, you can rent this map to earn 2% profit from each battle when gamers join your map.


Every day, players can join the fight 5 times for free across all arenas. If 5 times are used up, the player must pay a certain amount of GSPA – Meta Spatial’s cryptocurrency – to continue participating in the arena. These fees will be used to reward the top 5 winners, subject to the rules of Meta Spatial Moon.

There are 4 types of arenas:

  • Life and death: the player with the highest attack damage will be counted as the winner and receive a reward GSTA.
  • Team Battle: The team with the highest attack damage will be counted as the winner. Reward GSTA will be divided equally among team members.
  • Boss fight: there will be 12 battles taking place in a day equivalent to 12 time zones. During the battle with the Boss, the player with the highest damage will receive SPAT and a NFT especially.
  • Fight against AI (Artificial Intelligence): A player is allowed 5 free battles against AI per day. They will receive GSTA for each victory.

2.2. Meta Spatial – Galaxy

Inspired by the Star Wars movie, Meta Spatial Galaxy is a space for outer space adventures. In this space, gamers can own spaceships and planets through the NFT system, and experience vivid space travel. Gamers can also play the role of a warrior protecting their planet by piloting a spacecraft with XR technology (AR, VR, MR).


Players can create their own planet in Spatial Maker. The DAO Board of Directors will vote for adoption. If approved, you can receive 2% profit from each battle to protect the earth when the player joins your planet.


Players can build spaceships through Spatial Maker. The spacecraft will be used for space travel, rental and combat. Gamers need to have a spaceship as a mandatory requirement.

Space station

Each planet will have a space station to protect and monitor. After each battle to protect your planet, you will receive a stat to increase the combat ability of the space station.

The space station is also a fighting machine and can attack all warriors participating in the war. The space station’s combat stats will be your planet’s attraction, as well as your chance to win bonuses after the weekly Meta Spatial recap.


In a war, the player fights with others and must destroy the space station before the war is over. The person with the highest damage will receive GSTA, amount GSTA received will depend on whether the space station is destroyed before the time runs out.

Visiting the universe

The galaxy is a complex technical block, created by the professional design team of Meta Spatial. In it, Meta Spatial will provide space exploration services through XR – Augmented reality system, where players will choose and rent spaceships to experience space in a realistic and vivid way.

In addition, “advertising” services in the galaxy will also be created.

3. Explore Meta Spatial Ecosystem Tools

3.1. Space Portal – Spatial Portal

The Spatial Portal is a lobby where players can enter spaces in the Meta Spatial ecosystem through linked portals.

In the space portal, players can interact, visit NFT markets and participate in Meta Spatial activities.

To create a true Metaverse universe, Meta Spatial has adapted the marketplace to the portal and players can visit the store to pick up their favorite items instead of having to scroll and click through boring web pages.

3.2. Spatial Maker

Spatial Maker is a piece of software in the Meta Spatial ecosystem that allows players to freely craft assets in the Meta Spatial universe.

While Spatial Maker requires no programming and design skills, you should also understand graphics and fine arts to create your own unique assets.

Users need to pay with SPAT to craft NFT characters with Spatial Maker.

3.3. Spatial Wallet

Spatial Wallet is a wallet designed on the blockchain network and used to store NFT tokens and assets.

Spatial Wallet is integrated into the game and creates comfort for the user as it does not require the user to manipulate the wallet during the game.

Spatial Wallet provides a wallet monitoring mechanism that allows players to schedule synchronization with the blockchain network, which will help optimize gas fees.

3.4. Spatial MX

Spatial MX is the augmented reality technology used in Meta Spatial to help players get a realistic experience through VR or AR glasses.

Spatial MX allows players to choose from Meta Spatial experience modes. Players can join the regular 3D game mode or use the MR/AR mode to experience the virtual space.

3.5. Residents of Meta

Meta Resident is a character created to participate in the Meta Spatial universe. This character cannot be changed and is a necessary requirement for gamers to participate in the ecosystem spaces later. You are free to create your own Meta citizens through Spatial Maker.

4. Play to Earn

Users can earn SPAT and GSTA through the following activities

5. Introducing Meta Spatial Token

5.1. SPAT Token

The SPAT token is the primary currency and an integral part of the Meta Spatial ecosystem.

  • Network: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
  • Contract: updating
  • Total supply: 300,000,000 VND

SPAT is used as the basis for transactions in Meta Spatial and has the following functions:

  • Access to Meta Spatial Platform, players spend SPAT to play the game, buy assets to generate NFTs to use in the game, or resell to other players.
  • Administration: SPAT is a governance token that allows holders to participate in the governance decisions of the platform using the DAO structure. SPAT holders can vote themselves or delegate to other selected players
  • Transaction fee: each transaction in the ecosystem will be charged 5% transaction fee in SPAT. This transaction fee will be distributed in a 50:50 ratio to the staking pool and platform funds.
  • Pay for promotional services and space tours in Spatial Galaxy.

5.2. GSTA Token

The GSTA token is a currency created as a reward for participating in Meta Spatial activities.

  • Network: BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain
  • Contract: updating
  • Total supply: unlimited

The supply and price of GSTA will be controlled at an appropriate level to be able to maintain the value of in-game assets, optimizing entry points for new users.

GSTA will be used for the following purposes:

Spatial Moon:

  • Cost of participating in the arena
  • Cost of making maps
  • Buy limited NFTs
  • Increase some attributes during the match (this attribute will be reset when the match ends)

Spatial Galaxy:

  • The cost of participating in the war between planets
  • The cost of creating the planet
  • The cost of building a spaceship
  • Increase some attributes during the match (this attribute will be reset when the match ends)

6. Roadmap

7. Partners and investors

Icetea Labs, GameFi, REDKITE are the three partner platforms of Meta Spatial.

Investors will be updated after the project finishes funding rounds.

8. Development team

The Meta Spatial development team is a collection of individuals who excel in many fields. Their common goal is to build – develop Meta Spatial to reach the world and bring a lot of value to the blockchain industry.

Find out more about the project at

Join the CHK group to update the information as soon as possible!

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