Introducing the project LiquidDriver and $ LQDR Token

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2021-05-14 01:29:18

Fantom has begun to make waves in the DeFi space with high-performance technology with strategic partners aiming to make Fantom the priority platform for DeFi developers.

Each of the main components of the network is like a Lego set, contains all the blocks needed to help the digital asset thrive on the platform. With its extremely low fees ($ 0.0001), high speed, scalability, and high security, Fantom offers the ideal architecture for building Dapps.

One final block missing, however, to help complete the Lego set is: Liquidity.

Liquidity is the backbone of a decentralized financial ecosystem, is the driving force to create and develop financial markets. Without it, nothing will be built.

So LiquidDriver was launched to address this issue. LiquidDriver as the last missing piece of the set Lego DeFi.

1. What is LiquidDriver?

LiquidDriver is one High-Yield liquidity mining DAPP built on Fantom platform, encouraging liquidity providers on SushiSwap.

Their project aims to foster innovation, development and integration on Opera so that users can experience the absolute power of DeFi while still having the advantages of CeFi.

2. Problems raised by LiquidDriver

  • Whale manipulation game and dump prices for other investors.
  • Token inflation leads to a decline in price.
  • Liquidity providers for non-LQDR pairs face less risk and tend to “farm and dump

3. How does LiquidDriver solve those problems?

LiquidDriver will use 4 solutions to solve the above problems: deposit fee, buy-back, Gamification, Value-capturing mechanism for LQDR. At the same time, LiquidDriver rewards liquidity providers relative to the risk they face.

  • Deposit / Buy-Back fee (and burn): Staking pool will be available 4% deposit fee to buy back LQDR and burn it. Therefore resist selling pressure farming words. They will adjust the percentage as TVL increases
  • Gamification: LiquidDriver’s next rollout will be LiquidLotterywhere users can buy lottery tickets with LQDR (more information will be updated in the future).
  • Value-capturing Mechanism: LQDR holders will get a portion of the fee generated by the protocol.

4. LiquidDriver Features

5. LQDR Token

LQDR is the underlying token of LiquidDriver.

5.1. Basic information

  • Symbol: LQDR
  • Chain: Fantom Opera
  • Contract: 0x10b620b2dbac4faa7d7ffd71da486f5d44cd86f9
  • Total supply: unlimited

5.2. Technical specifications

100 000 LQDR The original will be sent to the developer’s address to airdrop and provide initial liquidity.

  • Deposit fee: 4%
    • 75% deposit fee for buy-back and burn
    • 25% developer deposit fee
  • 8.2% of the mined LQDRs will be sent to the developer’s wallet address for marketing purposes, paying partner fees, airdrops and user incentives.

5.3. Initial farming offering

For a fair distribution of the first batch of LQDRs, LiquidDriver will start by activating non-LQDR pools for 72 hours, allowing early liquidity providers to accumulate LQDRs to initiate staking once the IFO ends.

After the IFO ends, the LQDR pools will be opened with extra boosts

5.4. LiquidDriver pools

  • The pool list is available when the project starts to launch:
  • LQDR pools:
    • LQDR single staking pool : 12x

6. Roadmap

7. Development team


8. Partners and investors


9. Conclusion

LiquidDriver is a novel and innovative project. LiquidDriver creating a solution to the liquidity problem, thereby making the trading experience on decentralized platforms better and better. And it also promises to be a project that will help you earn as much profit as the projects CHK has since introduced before.

All information in the article of CHK All are for informational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Wish you all success in your investment and trading journey.

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