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2021-12-30 10:08:41

With the principle of “distinguishing to pioneer”, “Vitus System” is a software that provides intelligent and comprehensive solutions in providing support tasks for sales and customer care teams. Although recently launched, this application has been successfully applied by more than 1,000 business partners and 12,000 sellers in business activities, increasing revenue 3 times.

Start with simple, easy-to-follow operations

To use this software, business owners or sellers just need to search with the keyword “Vitus” on CH Play (with Android operating system) or App Store (with iOS operating system) and easily download it for free. fee; Register an account and log in with the set ID and password information.

In the opening interface, select “Vitus System” to start experiencing the software to help understand customer insights – effective customer care – instant revenue explosion. Then, click “Customer Analysis” and fill in all fields of information such as: Full name, phone number, address, industry, … then select “Decode”, the support operations will appear in turn.

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The function of Positioning and suggesting methods to approach customers

In the “Customer Reach & Positioning” section, the information given is the result of customer portrait analysis, helping the seller to grasp what outstanding features of the opposite customer; from there giving advice on how to approach that customer with appearance, story content and communication style.

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The function of analyzing emotional acupoints and suggesting the sale key

The “Emotional deathbed” section is one of the key features of this application when it quickly and accurately provides sellers with the customer’s emotional cues, making it easy for the seller to “touch” customer heart. “Vitus System” will specifically indicate which sales levers are “undefeated” with each customer model, with absolute personalization. It could be:

– Prices (promotions, incentives, …)

– Affectionate feelings (Benefits of the product being sold to the buyer’s parents, children or loved ones)

– Reputation (Reputation or position, title that the product or service being sold can bring to potential customers)

– Personal needs (Which products/services you are selling can satisfy the needs of customers)

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That helps the seller achieve high efficiency in negotiation and have the optimal solution for the highest order value.

Personalize customer service, classify customers by tagging

“Customer care”, “Customer reminder” are the items that show the salesperson what to keep in mind when chatting with customers. Thanks to information such as “Lucky number”, “Lucky feng shui color” for customers on a daily basis, the conversation between the seller and the customer will become much richer and more interesting. At this time, the barrier between buyers and sellers will be gradually removed. In the eyes of customers, the seller is like a close friend, following the golden principle in business to make closing the sale easier: “You – Table – Sell”.

As a sales management software, customer classification function is also a strong point of “Vitus System”. This feature is specified in the “Customer History” section. In this section, sellers can tag customers with labels like: “Not yet reached””Accessed and located””Purchased “”Loyal customer”… Depending on the purpose of the seller’s classification, they can choose one or more tags here.

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Sales Tracking and Revenue Management

When successfully applying the above instructions and generating revenue, the seller can easily create an order in the customer’s header corresponding to the following contents: Time, goods sold, unit price, quantity, to money,… Do the same for that customer’s follow-up orders and with other customers managed in the app.

Besides, to check the statistical information of all stored and analyzed customers, users can easily select the item “List of customers” in the homepage interface.

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At the same time, “Vitus System” updates and automatically statistics real-time revenue reports. Users can easily capture sales figures to proactively have a suitable sales plan:

– Statistics of revenue by customer: Go to the “List of customers” section, view the total revenue statistics or select by customer, filter by time, …

– Personal revenue statistics: Click the avatar frame in the upper right corner of the screen, select “Vitus System account”, the total revenue will appear. Users can manipulate the filter to select the same fields as above.

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Designed with a scientific, intelligent and user-friendly interface, business owners and sellers can easily get used to and proficiently use Vitus System in just a short time. Sales solution software “Vitus System” has many other outstanding features that when used, users can explore and apply thoroughly in the business process.

Get advice and experience the Vitus System tool today at: or hotline 0981.93.6699.


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