Investment Analysis Bitcoin, Altcoin ahead of the G20 conference

Investment Analysis Bitcoin, Altcoin ahead of the G20 conference


2021-03-24 03:01:20

As you can see, these days Bitcoin price has been continuously breaking its peak, unexpected milestones have occurred, sometimes rising more than $ 2,000 a day, many inside and outside investors have been exclaimed and said whether the fever Is 2017 back or not? The traditional newspapers have also reported continuously a few days today Current Bitcoin Price broke the 10000 mark, then 12000 then 14000 in just a few days. So what do we have?

Current Bitcoin Price

Sitting down to write the above analysis Facebook group of the CHK, it seems that writing too long is not allowed, so Ad is free to make a small article about this, you consider and read, it is not investment advice.

“All moods are pouring into the Xi-Trump meeting in the upcoming G20 conference.

all day yesterday Ad sat thinking about this problem a lot. After that, I went to explore newspapers from Vietnam to abroad on this issue. Draw a conclusion quite similar, that this conference will affect the price of Bitcoin and price types: Gold, Oil, Food, Stocks,….

So what the karma will be, we will have 3 main cases, but before we get into the problem, we analyze the psychology first. Trump and Xi are the two most powerful people in the world today.

  • Trump’s style: America, first of all, will have no concessions, typically the cancellations of the ObamaCare Act, the imposition of tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and countries with high trade deficits with the United States. So the intimidation and execution is always Trump’s character, Trump will threaten first, then impose a test tax, see how China responds. And continue with Plan B

  • Xi: Being the leader of China, very terrible, concentrating all in Xi, so when threatened, he will not flinch and respond.

  • Scenario 1: The US will agree to delay imposing additional tariffs on Chinese goods for an unspecified period of time. With this result, the two sides will have more time to organize trade negotiations to come to an agreement. This scenario, with a 45% likelihood, will benefit both Mr. Trump, Mr. Xi and the stock market.

  • Scenario 2: The US delays to impose additional tariffs on Chinese goods for a fixed period of time. With a 35% probability, this scenario is most beneficial for Mr. Xi and the stock market because they will have more time to “breathe”.

  • Scenario 3: The US will likely not mention the imposition of additional duties in a statement after the meeting, implying that the Trump administration will impose additional import duties on an additional $ 300 billion in Chinese goods at a time. suitable. The probability of this scenario happening is 20%, and this is also the worst scenario for Mr. Xi and the stock market.

In terms of assessing the angles, the pessimistic and hesitant psychology is happening, to say no, the whole world is waiting for this meeting and see how it develops. We have 2 more days to see the results. So how will it affect Crypto? (this is Ad’s personal inference)

BTC Price Increased Nearly 14,000 last night

Now BTC Dominance peaked at over 63%, which means that all the attention is on Bitcoin, what conclusions are we going to draw.

  • For professionals who are not in the crypto industry: stand outside and watch, don’t be too greedy … and they themselves might be tempted
  • For those who have been investing, hold to your target, but set the right target, do not be too greedy.

Further advice points out that, this time, if fomo then just Investments are focused on Bitcoin Come on, Bitcoin is up Altcoin Only a little up, Bitcoin decreases, Altcoin drops on the face … This game is full of risks and fools. It is not known when the market capital will be strongly withdrawn or flow to Altcoin, so manage your risks as safely as possible and then join the market.

As expected, this event will take place around June 28-29, 2019, After this time, it is not clear, so please remember to carefully check the article and its timing. CHK will always update the latest situation, please always follow investment categories and channels of Virtual Money Blog Please.

Note to those who are new to the market, Refer to the top floors that Ad is using, it is better to just register all the exchanges and KYC, so that when uptrend can be used, but wait for KYC … then … The intention is to lose the match …

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