iOS 14.5 can help make iPhone battery better

iOS 14.5 can help make iPhone battery better

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2021-04-02 20:06:36

(CHK) New features on iOS 14.5 will recalculate capacity and performance from there to help accurately display iPhone battery capacity.

Shortly after the launch, the iOS 14 update was reflected by many users, making the iPhone drain more battery. Even iOS 14.2 has a battery drain issue right after its release. Although Apple has rolled out bug fixes, battery improvements have never been officially announced.

However, iPhone users may be happier with a new feature that iOS 14.5 brings. BThe iOS 14.5 Developer Beta was introduced by Apple shortly after the release of iOS 14.4.2.

You will likely see better battery capacity and less battery drain on your iPhone after updating to iOS 14.5.

Specifically, the update does not improve battery life, but recalculates the device’s maximum performance and battery capacity to give the best battery indication.

The good news for iPhone users is that the new feature will look like a task in the background, not requiring the user to install and run the application.

However, to get the most accurate results, users will have to fully charge the battery several times. That means you will need to wait to determine if your iPhone has a battery fault or not.

In return, if your battery fails and cannot be recalculated, a message will appear instructing you to take your phone to a service provider. Apple Authorization for free replacement. This information is outlined in the official description of the iOS 14.5 Developer Beta update.

The bad news is that the description also shows the new feature that supports the previous iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Analysts said that this feature may only be a fix for the iPhone 11 series.

Expected, iOS 14.5 will be officially released at WWDC 2021 event on 7/6.


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