IOS 14.5 features face score: The most anticipated update!

IOS 14.5 features face score: The most anticipated update!

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2021-04-26 12:24:11

Owning a series of outstanding features such as FaceID active when users wear masks, 200 new emojis, Music application with many improvements, recalibrating the battery when the battery life does not meet the demand. account .. And many other features. In order not to waste your time reading, let’s take a look at TechZ’s more specific features that will appear on the iOS 14.5 update.

Unlock your face with FaceID when you wear a mask

Wearing a mask is still very urgent at this time. Because of this, Apple has brought to the iOS 14.5 update the feature to unlock even when you wear a mask. However, it only works when you’re using FaceID and Apple Watch side by side. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, this feature is completely useless.

200 new emojis


Emojis have always been an essential part of the Apple ecosystem. And in the iOS 14.5 update, Apple brought 200 more emojis with a variety of themes, such as faces with spiral eyes, sighing faces, faces hidden in clouds, hurt hearts. , burning heart … You can even search for your desired emoji through the search button (used on iPad devices).


In-app tracking transparency feature


Also known by Apple as App Tracking Transparency. From now on, if apps and websites want to track and use your data, you’ll need your permission. This feature will make software developers frustrated, for example, the war between Facebook and Apple has broken out in recent years.

Safe browsing


When you type the address into Safari, the browser will send a query to Google Safe Browsing to check the site for phishing or not. To activate, go to Settings> Safari> open the Fraudulent Website Warning function.

The best battery calibration tool, battery life management


Battery is always a concern of smartphone users, how to achieve the best time, optimal use. On iOS 14.5 Beta 6, Apple added the Important Battery Message feature. Recalibrate maximum battery capacity and top performance capacity to address inaccurate estimates of battery health reporting that some users experience. For example, the battery depletes rapidly, does not reflect the current battery status. Currently, the new feature is only available on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, the calibration process is also quite long when the user takes a few weeks.

Support 2 5G SIMs at the same time


The next-generation iPhone will be able to activate 5G at the same time with both SIMs. Previously, when using dual SIM on iPhone 12, 5G connection will be reduced to 4G.

New game controller support


Users who love PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X can now comfortably experience on iOS 14.5. Allows users to connect the above gaming devices to iPhone, iPad by bluetooth to play games. Previous generation versions only supported PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers.

Change the default music player

Users can change the default music player, you can set up Spotify, Youtube or your favorite third-party music player.

In addition, Apple’s default Music app is also upgraded with swipe gestures, lyrics sharing feature.

AirTag support


To be able to run AirTag, your iPhone / iPad must be updated to iOS 14.5. AirTag is designed to help users in the iOS ecosystem easily find lost objects through a bluetooth connection. To better understand AirTag, please read along to follow the article below.


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