iOS 14.6: The beta reveals many interesting new features

iOS 14.6: The beta reveals many interesting new features

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2021-05-13 14:17:10

Apple started testing iOS 14.6 before the release of iOS 14.5 reached the general public. With iOS 15 scheduled to begin testing at WWDC in June, many users think iOS 14.5 will be the last release in the iOS 14 branch.

When will iOS 14.6 release?

Apple has just started testing iOS 14.6, and it’s too early to predict its release date. The latest iOS release that Apple released is iOS 13.6 on July 15, 2020. (iOS 13.7, released last September, is a special case that only adds COVID-19 contact tracking. ).

Year-end releases are usually minor fixes that don’t raise the version number. Example: iOS 14.5.1. This is only the second time Apple has released version .6 and this is really slow in the annual release cycle.

What’s new in iOS 14.6?

We are slowly learning more about the new features that iOS 14.6 will bring. Since iOS 14.5 is a larger update with lots of new features, it’s likely that this update will be smaller and more focused on the fundamental changes, “contains bug fixes and improvements”.

Here are some of the new features we saw in iOS 14.6 beta, along with some rumors about what the new update will have.

Add contact emails when your AirTag is in Lost Mode

If you bought one of Apple’s new AirTag trackers, you’ll know that if you lose the product attached to the AirTag, you can put the card in Lost Mode and get a notification when it’s in Find My network’s coverage.

If someone finds your AirTag, they can use an iPhone or an NFC-enabled device to know your phone number and contact you. With iOS 14.6, you can even add contact email instead of just phone number.

Better beta tools

The beta versions of iOS 14.6 include a tool that allows app developers and public beta testers to upgrade to iOS release candidates without deleting their developer profiles or beta.

Before iOS 14.5 goes public, developers can choose between upgrading their devices to the iOS 14.5 release or to the beta version of iOS 14.6. Under the Software Update menu in Settings, see Also Available so you can find this option.

Hi-fi support for Apple Music

iOS 14.6 could bring a new layer of high-fidelity audio streaming in Apple Music. On April 29, music website Hits Daily Double posted the news. On May 1, 9to5Mac found the code added to the Music app in the first iOS 14.6 beta that addresses Dolby Atmos and Dolby Audio formats, which were previously unsupported.

That code appears to have been removed in the second beta, suggesting that Apple wants to hide it from users. If high-fidelity streaming becomes a reality, it could help Apple Music compete with Spotify. In February of this year, Apple revealed that the company has added a high level of fidelity this year.

How to download iOS 14.6 beta

You can try out iOS 14.6 before it is officially released, however, Apple recommends that users should not run the beta on any important device because it doesn’t know what might happen.

Developers have access on a device they will be running beta and download developer beta profiles. Non-developers can join the beta program by visiting using the device on which you want to run the beta, log in and download the beta profile.

Once configured, you must activate by: Settings (Settings) -> General (General) -> Configuration (Profile). Your device will reinstall to enable configuration. Next, navigate to Settings -> General -> Software Updates to get the latest beta.

How to download iOS 14.6 when it’s available

Once iOS 14.6 is released, you’ll get a prompt to know iOS 14.6 is now available and ask if you want to download it. Or you can do the following:

  • Step 1: Open Settings.
  • Step 2: Choose General.
  • Step 3: Click Software Update.

Your device will connect to Apple’s servers and prompt you to download and install updates. Follow the prompts to complete the installation. Once your device reboots, it should run iOS 14.6.

Devices compatible with iOS 14.6

iOS 14.6 will be compatible with all devices similar to iOS 14, from iPhone 6S to iPhone 12, iPhone SE, iPod Touch.

We will update more, invite you to read.


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