iPad Mini 6 price ‘unbelievably cheap’ in May 2022, compact and powerful like iPhone 13 Pro attracts ‘Vietnamese gamers’

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2022-05-25 09:05:49

iPad Mini 6 is perhaps the biggest surprise that Apple released during the new product launch in September. iPad Mini 6 is a complete makeover compared to iPad Mini 5 with the power of iPhone 13 Pro Max.

After a period of price fluctuations at the time of launch, the price of iPad Mini 6 is now quite stable and much more comfortable at the end of May 2022. With a price of less than 14 million VND, it is only half as cheap as the iPhone 13 Pro Max but equally powerful by the new A15 Bionic chip.

Price of iPad Mini 6 in Vietnam

When it was first launched, the iPad Mini Gen 6 came with a high price of nearly 18 million VND and was only available in portable goods. However, currently, to buy iPad Mini 6, users only have to spend about 13.29 million VND for the Wifi + 64GB version of internal memory. The difference between agents is about 500,000 VND to 1 million VND depending on the policies of each party.

At this price, the iPad Mini 6 is as expensive as the Galaxy Tab S7 FE and close to the price of the iPad Air 4. However, the configuration and design of the iPad Mini 6 are both more attractive than competitors in the same range. Compared to other Apple products, the iPad Mini 6 is currently priced at the same price as a new iPhone 11 out of the box.

What’s good about the iPad Mini 6 configuration?

First of all, the iPad Mini 6 has an extremely compact design with flat beveled edges like the iPhone 12. Best of all, the 8.3-inch screen allows it to be held comfortably in one hand. The design of the new iPad Mini 6 is highly appreciated for its convenience. Meanwhile, both the 12.4-inch Galaxy Tab S7 FE or the 10.8-inch iPad Air 4 are very oversized and uncomfortable with one hand.

The screen of the iPad Mini 6 is considered to be neither large nor small, it reaches a resolution of 2266 x 1488 pixels per unit size, providing very high sharpness when enjoying visual content.

Inside, the iPad Mini 6 has the same Apple A15 Bionic chip as on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The power of this chip probably goes without saying, combined with 64GB of memory, iPad Mini 6 is a powerful entertainment performance machine for users. Even with work-related tasks like processing photos and making videos, the iPad Mini 6’s chip can handle it quickly.

iPad Mini 6 also comes with dual 12MP cameras on the front and back. In which, the front camera is the wide-angle type that makes video calling the most convenient thanks to the ability to automatically place the user in the center area.

Should I buy the iPad Mini 6

With a price from 13.99 million VND, but possessing hardware as powerful as iPhone 13 Pro Max, it is clear that iPad Mini 6 can completely be a good choice for users who do not want the most powerful iPhone 13 but still want to experience. the power of the A15 Bionic chip for entertainment. Configuration is also the reason for iPad Mini 6 to outperform other tablets of similar price. If you’re buying the iPhone 11 primarily for entertainment, consider adding the iPad Mini 6 option.

Especially if you are a gamer, the iPad Mini 6 is really a suitable device because it is much larger and more comfortable than a phone but not as bulky and difficult to use as tablets over 10 inches. .

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