iPad Pro M1- price in February 2023, remarkably cheap, the most expensive high-end tablet to buy right now

iPad Pro M1- price in February 2023, remarkably cheap, the most expensive high-end tablet to buy right now

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2023-02-20 09:55:38

iPad Pro M1 is currently being heavily discounted after the iPad Pro M2 was released, it is currently the most valuable tablet to buy today when it comes to the high-end segment with great performance.

The iPad Pro M1, which is already the most powerful tablet in the world, has now been updated by Apple with a new version using a more powerful M2 chip. Perhaps this reason is the basis for the iPad Pro M1 to begin to drop in price at the end of October, making it the most attractive premium iPad with the most attractive price.

iPad Pro M1 Price

According to a quick market survey, the price of iPad Pro M1 at the end of October 2022 decreased by about VND 700 thousand compared to the beginning of the month (before the launch of iPad Pro M2). Currently, users can buy iPad Pro M1 with a starting price of only VND 18,890,000 for the Wifi version and 128GB memory capacity.

  • iPad Pro M1 11 inch – (2021) – Wifi – 128GB – VND 18,990,000
  • iPad Pro M1 11 inch – (2021) – Wifi – 256GB – VND 22,190,000
  • iPad Pro M1 11 inch – (2021) – Wifi – 512GB – VND 26,290,000
  • iPad Pro M1 12.9 inch – (2021) – Wifi – 128GB – VND 22,990,000
  • iPad Pro M1 12.9 inch – (2021) – Wifi – 256GB – VND 26,890,000
  • iPad Pro M1 12.9 inch – (2021) – Wifi – 512GB – 31,890,000 VND

Configuration iPad Pro M1

iPad Pro M1 is considered one of the most powerful tablets available today and even a bit too powerful for a tablet. Traditionally, a tablet is often seen as a magnified smartphone. But with the iPad Pro, it’s like a compact laptop.

The iPad Pro’s M1 chip with 8-core CPU and 8-core GPU possesses tremendous power that can handle heavy to very heavy tasks such as 4K video editing or ultra-high resolution gaming. It’s perfectly enough to handle email and spreadsheet related work…etc

iPad Pro M1 is also equipped with a USB 4 port that supports Thunderbolt 3 for data transfer up to 4 times faster than the previous generation. That makes it possible for iPad Pro M1 to output images to an external display with a maximum resolution of 6K.

One thing to note is that the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro M1 have different screen panel technology. The 11-inch version uses an LCD screen, but the 12.9-inch version has a completely new MiniLED screen that offers a more advanced display quality.

Regarding the camera, even though it is a tablet, the iPad Pro M1 has 2 cameras placed in a square module, including a 12MP wide-angle camera with a 122-degree shooting angle. Next to it is a 10MP ultra-wide camera, accompanied by a LiDAR sensor and Flash.

Should I buy the iPad Pro M1?

Overall, the iPad Pro is truly the most powerful tablet available today, and it’s probably hard for any Android tablet to match it. Even Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra can hardly compete with the iPad Pro M1 in terms of performance.

Should buy iPad Pro M1:

  • You need a powerful tablet to meet high graphics processing needs such as photo and video editing
  • You want to use iPad for regular work
  • Do you have a need to use iPad for a long time and with little change?

Do not buy iPad Pro M1 if:

  • You only use iPad for entertainment, reading news, playing games is the main;
  • You need to work a lot because the price of iPad Pro M1 is close to a Macbook Air M1.

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