iPhone 11 Pro dived again, this time for 30 days on the frozen lake

iPhone 11 Pro dived again, this time for 30 days on the frozen lake


2021-03-26 23:09:06

For many people, dropping their smartphone from even the lowest heights makes them feel scared. Simply because the surface coating of smartphones is often fragile and easily cracked with the slightest impact or impact. Phone manufacturers have made great strides in recent years to improve the durability of their devices, but when it comes to survival, it seems unlikely that any brand can overtake Apple.

And the latest proof of how tough the iPhone phones have become is the crazy and mythical-sounding story below.

According to CTV News, a woman named Angie Carriere while celebrating her 50th birthday with an ice fishing trip at Lake Waskesiu in Saskatchewan, Canada, accidentally dropped her iPhone 11. into the water. It immediately sank to the bottom of the lake.

But determined to get it back, Carriere went back to the lake with his friends three times over the next month to try to find a way to get the phone back. On their third trip, with an underwater fish detector, they finally discovered the location of the phone, then pulled it up using a magnet attached to the fishing line.

Just that alone has been quite successful already. But, after drying the iPhone and plugging it into the charger, she noticed that the protective screen of the device appeared. And after that, it was back to normal.

Carriere said all of her photos were still on her phone, including those she took during her fishing trip, at the time when she lost her iPhone in the first place. Even Carriere was mentally prepared to replace it with a new phone, but the end result made her no longer have to do so.

“iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max have IP68 rating according to IEC standard 60529 (maximum depth of 4 meters for up to 30 minutes)”, Apple’s official support website claims. However, leaving iPhone 11 Pro in the pool for half an hour can cause permanent damage. But Carriere’s iPhone 11 Pro has spent more than a month at the bottom of a frozen lake and has nothing but a little scratch when picked up. Of course, even if it does break, Apple obviously won’t warrant liquid damage.

However, the timing of this story (as well as a few other recent iPhone durability stories) seemed too perfect for Apple, when the tech company just released a new ad about the hardness. cable of the iPhone.

Advertise the iPhone durability of Apple

In the latest ad just released, Apple has praised how tough and durable its device is. So, whether you drop your iPhone on the pavement or throw it to the bottom of a frozen lake, there’s a chance that that iPhone remains intact.

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