iPhone 13 ‘bombarded’ the world’s most populous market for 6 weeks straight, Xiaomi and OPPO ‘panic’

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2022-01-14 10:53:09

The lower price than when it was launched last year is one of the main reasons why Chinese consumers are willing to spend money to buy iPhone 13.

Sina Technology site reported Beijing time on the morning of January 14, the latest report shows that the iPhone 13 has been at the top in China for 6 consecutive weeks, and it is also at the top of the market when it first launched. .

Market research firm Counterpoint Research previously published a report stating that Apple was the largest smartphone maker in the Chinese market in terms of iPhone sales in October 2021. After that, despite being surpassed by Vivo for a while, the iPhone quickly regained its position in early December last year.

“After launch, Apple was in the lead most of the time, only briefly being surpassed by domestic competitors,” said the research firm, “iPhone 13,” said the research firm. took the lead.”

Counterpoint Research added: “The relatively low starting price of the iPhone 13 at the time of its launch in China, along with the new camera and 5G capabilities were the main reasons driving the sales.

According to the report, iPhone 13 models accounted for 51% of iPhone sales, iPhone 13 Pro Max accounted for 23%, iPhone 13 Pro accounted for 21%, and iPhone 13 mini accounted for 5%.

Counterpoint’s research didn’t include other iPhone models, but the company notes that current success “is also accompanied by strong performance from the iPhone 12,” a device that “has contributed to the overall sales growth of the company.” Apple.”

At the time iPhone 13 was launched in the Chinese market, content related to this product accounted for 4/10 hot topics on weibo, reaching more than 1.1 billion reads and nearly 1.5 million discussions. On the day of the iPhone sale in China, customers wearing masks to receive the machines queued up at stores even though the epidemic situation was still complicated. These evidences show that the iPhone 13 leading the Chinese market is predictable.


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