iPhone 13 costs just over 16 million causing fever because it’s so cheap, is it worth buying when iPhone 14 has been released?

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2022-09-19 06:11:42

(CHK) The iPhone 13 is advertised for only 16 million VND, making people surprised because it is incredibly cheap, giving users the opportunity to own extremely delicious in the price range.

According to a survey at online sales systems, users can easily find a store with iPhone 13 for sale for only VND 16,390,000, significantly cheaper than the official unboxing price. According to the description, the iPhone 13 series for sale is an old device but looks like new.

The most outstanding feature of the iPhone 13 is the design. It brings a trendy square border design that Apple initiated from the iPhone 12 generation.

In particular, the diagonal two-lens camera cluster brings a very high level of recognition to this generation. Even the iPhone 13 is more recognizable than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

In terms of power, iPhone 13 brings Apple’s most powerful A15 Bionic chip and smartphone village at the time of launch. Although currently, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip or Dimensity 9000 are advertised as much more powerful, but in fact, users evaluate the iPhone 13 with A15 Bionic still brings stability and cooler when operating for a long time. .

iPhone 13 also has a smaller notch, so it expands the screen to become larger and easier to see. Apple said it will still maintain this design for at least one more generation of iPhone 14. As for the camera, the iPhone 13 is equipped with a pair of wide and ultra-wide sensors that support both optical stabilization and phase detection focus.

At this point, the iPhone 13 is clearly still the top impressive smartphone in Vietnam at a price range of over VND 20 million. Beautiful design, strong configuration, the ability to maintain long-term use are the advantages that users should buy iPhone 13.

The iPhone 13 mentioned in the article is priced at only 16,390,000 VND, cheaper than the unboxed price of more than 2 million VND. This is a pretty good price for a high-end smartphone with long-term value like the iPhone 13. However, it should be noted that because it is an old iPhone, users need to consider carefully before dropping money.

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