iPhone 13 Pro Max ‘apologizes to lose’ a high-end model priced at 18.5 million, people race to pay down money because it’s so cheap

iPhone 13 Pro Max ‘apologizes to lose’ a high-end model priced at 18.5 million, people race to pay down money because it’s so cheap


2023-05-26 17:49:43

iPhone 13 Pro Max recently emerged on the second-hand market because Vietnamese workers can fish copper wire to fix blue screen errors, making buyers of old devices worried. This unexpectedly makes the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is still being sold fresh, unboxed at the dealer, becoming a hot item that is hunted by people because it is safer while designing and equipped with no less than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Galaxy S22 Ultra sells surprisingly cheap at the end of May 2023

According to a survey in the period at the end of May 2023, Galaxy S22 Ultra continued to be strongly discounted by dealers compared to the listed price nationwide. In particular, the iPhone S22 Ultra 8GB / 128GB version is priced from 18,490,000 VND for the 128GB version, while the 256GB version is not much more expensive at 19,990,000 VND. This price has a slight increase compared to the time of mid-May but is only a few hundred thousand.

Design more attractive than iPhone 13 Pro Max

Compared to the rival iPhone 13 Pro Max, the creativity of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is more appreciated when it brings the square design of the legendary Galaxy Note series back.

The arrangement of the camera module is also simplified to create a more eye-catching appearance on the back. The curved edge of the machine helps soften the square design for a comfortable, long-lasting but non-stressed grip for the user.

Galaxy S22 Ultra also owns the hardest tempered frosted glass back, IP68 water resistance to bring a sense of peace of mind during use.

Curved screen overflows entertainment ‘out of the box’

As a giant in the screen industry, Samsung easily integrates for its pet the best screen on the market. Galaxy S22 Ultra owns a huge 6.8-inch screen with 2X Dynamic AMOLED technology that offers QHD + resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, 500 ppi pixel density for extremely fast haptic feedback.

This equipment has turned the Galaxy S22 Ultra into the most powerful entertainment machine in the segment since its launch until now. Even the new Galaxy S23 Ultra launched earlier this year is not much better in terms of screen.

The device also supports a great brightness of up to 1750 nits, twice as much as mid-range smartphones, providing sharp content display even in bright outdoor lighting conditions.

Extremely powerful performance configuration, only inferior to smartphones launched in 2023

As a product launched in 2022, the Galaxy S22 Ultra may not be as good as the Galaxy S23 Ultra or high-end smartphones launched in 2023. However, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is still a powerful beast in the market thanks to owning a website. the most advanced.

At the heart of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, whose performance is only slightly inferior to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 on the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Combined with 12GB RAM, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is not bored with any task and is not inferior to the iPhone 14 Pro Max, let alone the iPhone 13 or iPhone 14 models.

Galaxy S22 Ultra also owns a 5000 mAh battery, supports 45W wired charging and 10W wireless charging and it is what users can find on the Galaxy S23 Ultra but almost half cheaper and far behind the iPhone. 14 in terms of speed and versatility.

Considered the successor to the quintessential Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy S23 Ultrag is equipped with an S Pen and a convenient built-in pen slot. Thanks to that, you can take notes and edit images easily and quickly. In addition, this pen also supports extremely convenient remote photography features.

Camera covers all focal lengths, good low-light shooting

Galaxy S22 Ultra also has a number of cameras of the most advanced type including four lenses with a resolution of 108MP main camera, 12MP ultra-wide camera, 10MP 2x optical zoom camera and 10MP periscope camera with 10X magnification.

This is a very powerful camera configuration that the Galaxy S23 Ultra relies on for a little better refurbishment such as raising the resolution to 200MP or adjusting the focus and brightness.

At the front, the Galaxy S22 Ultra also has a 40MP front camera with unbeatable image quality in the price range with a range of software support to produce beautiful photos.

5000 mAh battery with excellent performance, 45W fast charging support

The entire elite system of the Galaxy S22 Ultra draws its energy from a 5,000 mAh battery and also supports fast charging speeds of up to 45W, allowing to fully charge 50% of the battery in just 20 minutes and completely in about time. one hour. In addition, it also supports wireless charging and reverse charging for other devices.

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