iPhone 13’s sharp price increase in Japan is only equal to the price of iPhone in Vietnam

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2022-07-01 17:38:55

(CHK) The price of iPhone 13 in Japan is tending to increase rapidly in the context of the iPhone 14 launch, but the iPhone price in Japan is still among the cheapest in the world.

According to Nikkei, Apple has secretly increased the price of Japanese iPhone models, with a maximum increase of nearly 20%, which means that the Japanese version of the iPhone is currently more expensive. This also reflects the trend of the Japanese Yen exchange rate which is changing.

Apple’s online store page in Japan confirms that the iPhone 13 series has recently received a price adjustment. The cheapest third-generation 64GB iPhone SE is currently from 57,800 yen (about 9.9 million dong) to 62,800 yen (about 10.8 million dong).

While the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro version is currently priced at 144,800 yen (about 24.7 million yuan), much more expensive than the previous 122,800 yen (about 20.6 million dong). Despite the increase, it is clear that the iPhone price in Japan is approximately the same as the iPhone price in Vietnam.

The reason for this situation is said to be that the Japanese yen has depreciated about 15% against the US dollar in the past three months and about 11.4% against the yuan. With the yen’s exchange rate falling continuously, Japan’s iPhone is now cheaper than most markets, not only iPhone but many other smartphones are also falling.

However, it seems that the price increase has yet to affect iPhone sales in Japan. Recent research shows that demand for the third-generation iPhone SE increased sharply in Asian countries, accounting for 18% of domestic smartphone sales in April.

Currently, iPhone prices in Vietnam are also tending to decrease sharply with most models, this is also considered a golden time for users to buy new iPhones before iPhone 14 is officially launched.

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