iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple is the most popular iPhone in the 14 . series

iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple is the most popular iPhone in the 14 . series

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2023-03-08 05:01:39

A recent survey shows that many users prefer iPhone 14 Pro Deep Purple and prioritize this color when choosing to buy an iPhone.

It has been almost half a year since the iPhone 14 – one of the most valuable phones to buy in 2022, was released. Recently, a survey conducted by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partner) revealed the most popular iPhone color options among users.

According to the results, 42% of iPhone 14 Pro users chose Deep Purple – an exclusive color at launch. Traditionally, Apple’s iPhone Pro comes in three standard colors: Space Gray, Silver and Gold.

In 2022, Apple introduced 2 new color options, Deep Purple (replacing Sierra Blue) and Space Black, a darker version of the iconic Space Gray. The Gold color is also more popular among iPhone Pro users than the new Space Black color.

More specifically, 24% of users chose iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max in Gold, while 23% chose Space Black. Silver is the least popular color option, accounting for only 11%.

As for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, the main color Blue is preferred by 27% of users, followed by Black with 26%. Red and Purple color models accounted for 14% and 24% of sales, respectively.

With the iPhone 13 series, the preferred color options are Midnight (38%), Blue (23%), Pink (23%), Starlight (13%) and Red (5%). As for the iPhone SE 3, the selected color options are Midnight (62%), Red (23%), Starlight (15%).

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