iPhone 15 Pro will no longer have physical buttons

iPhone 15 Pro will no longer have physical buttons

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2022-11-02 08:26:13

(CHK) Apple is coming up with extremely bold ideas for new generation iPhone models by completely eliminating physical buttons.

Recent sources have revealed that Apple is planning to remove all physical buttons on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max and replace it with a solid design. Easier to understand, you can imagine that the physical buttons are like the Home key on the iPhone 6 and the solid button is the Home button from the iPhone 7 and up.

It is not clear why Apple made such a bold decision with the standard physical buttons on the phone. Is it likely that this change will make the design of the new iPhone models more seamless, while at the same time more durable, water-resistant, and have a more comfortable, accurate clicking experience?

I guess Ming Chi Kuo also shared that Apple will rely on the Taptic Engine vibration engine to simulate the feeling of pressing a button. Of course, instead of just having the Home key like before, the Taptic Engine on the new iPhone will increase from one to three. There are currently two suppliers of Taptic Engine for Apple including Luxshare ICT and AAC Technologies.

If this turns out to be true, the 2023 iPhone promises to have a significant change in appearance compared to the incumbent iPhone models. Most likely, the solid keys will only appear on the Pro versions, the regular versions will still use physical buttons.

Some other information about iPhone 15 such as the most advanced version using Titan shell, USB-C connection port.

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