iPhone 16 Pro may be equipped with Face ID hidden under the screen

iPhone 16 Pro may be equipped with Face ID hidden under the screen

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2023-01-16 01:48:41

Apple will finally have a major breakthrough in technology with the iPhone 16 Pro launching in 2024. According to a report from Korean site The Elec, the iPhone 16 Pro will likely be equipped with Face sensors. The ID is hidden below the touch screen and only the front camera is exposed to the outside.

While rumors of Apple’s under-display sensor technology first surfaced last year, it has yet to be applied to the iPhone 14 Pro, and possibly the iPhone 15 Pro, too. The Elec report is based on the assessment of supply chain analyst Ross Young.

The reason why Apple has not yet adopted this technology may be because its quality is not yet at its best. It can be seen on smartphones that have launched with a selfie camera hidden under the screen like the ZTE Axon 40. According to reviews, although the image quality has been improved compared to the previous generation, it is still not the best. .

However, Face ID is different from the traditional camera on a smartphone. Apple’s facial recognition technology uses TrueDepth infrared cameras and other sensors to map a user’s face.

That makes getting these sensors hidden under the touchscreen a more challenging challenge for Apple. Because Face ID technology needs to have high accuracy and fast response speed, it needs to be reliable because it is used for payment and security services.

According to The Elec, iPhone 16 Pro will still have the selfie camera exposed to the outside like before. That means hiding the Face ID sensors below the screen will only be able to remove part of Dynamic Island. However, Apple also plans to continue to apply it to the selfie camera, making the entire notch on the iPhone screen disappear in the future.

Reference: theverge

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