iPhone can take exposure photos that not everyone knows, try it now

iPhone can take exposure photos that not everyone knows, try it now


2021-07-24 00:38:45

Do you want to create beautiful long exposure photos with beautiful motion blur effects? While there are dedicated iPhone apps for this, there’s actually a long exposure feature built right into the iPhone’s Camera app.

All you need to do is take a Live Photo and then switch it to long exposure. This article will guide you through and get great photos with exposure effects on your iPhone.

What is an exposed photo?

Long exposure photography involves taking a photo over a longer period of time than usual. In most cases, when you take a photo, the camera uses a fast shutter speed. It takes pictures in a fraction of a second. And this freezes any movement in the scene.

But with long exposure photography, the photo is taken with a slower shutter speed. The picture is taken in a few seconds, for example: 2 seconds, 8 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.

During this longer exposure, any moving elements in the scene will appear as motion blur. Common examples are the red streak of tail lights at night, or the soft fog effect of moving water.

With a dedicated camera, creating a well-exposed image is quite easy. However, with the iPhone, you will need a bit of skill with Live Photo.

Step 1: Choose the context

For exposure photography, it is best to capture movement. It could be a stream of photos, a vehicle, or a stream of people;

Step 2: Take a Live Photo

If you have it turned off, turn it on in the right corner of the camera interface. If you have a tripod, you should use it. If not, try to keep the camera still for 3 seconds.

Step 3: Transfer photos

Go to the Photos app and open the photo you just took. Swipe the photo upwards. Now you will see options like Live, Loop, Bounce etc in the Effects section. Swipe through the effects and tap “Long Exposure – Long Exposure”.

So your photo has been successfully converted to an exposed image. Of course it would hardly be the same as taking a camera. However, in some cases such as shooting streams and waterfalls, the image will be quite smooth and beautiful.

Good luck!


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