iPhone caught fire while plugged in on a bed, a teenager burned his face

iPhone caught fire while plugged in on a bed, a teenager burned his face


2021-03-26 20:00:49

Apple is currently the most valuable smartphone brand globally, and its products are said to be of high quality. But that doesn’t seem to give them immunity to common malfunctions. And what happened to 17-year-old Amie Hall, living in Birmingham, England, might just be a “little glitch” when an iPhone burned the blanket in her bed.

The incident is said to have happened on the night of March 18, when Hall was about to go to bed. Before that, she plugged her iPhone to charge it and accidentally left it on the bed, under the blanket.

And then, she suddenly noticed a “flashing orange” flame under her blanket. When the flames burned through the blanket, it caught part of her face, causing her to burn on her cheeks. Soon after, she quickly notified her mother downstairs and the two put out the fire without the help of the firefighters.

Hall later shared some pictures of his burns and burnt charging cable on Facebook to warn people of the danger of “leaving their phones charging overnight”.

iPhone caught fire while charging in bed, a teenager burned his face - Photo 2.

Hall shared pictures of his burns via Facebook.

In fact, smartphone makers all say today’s modern smartphones come with adapters that come with some technology to protect them from overcharging, overheating, and problems. other. But that doesn’t mean that all dangers can be avoided, especially when using third-party accessories.

Although the cause of the fire is not known at present, the report is from the sheet Birmingham Mail say that the charger includes the Apple charging cable and the charger bulb of another brand. Meanwhile, Hall shared on Facebook that: “This isn’t even an inexpensive charger, it’s an Apple charger.”

Apple is currently investigating the cause of the fire and stressing that all iPhone users should ensure they comply with safe charging standards. User is not recommended to charge iPhone in humid or not well-ventilated areas. Because this may result in the charger being too hot or humid, which may cause a spark. The company also advises users to regularly check accessories for early detection and replacement.

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