iPhone users still being tracked even with ATT enabled

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2021-06-10 11:28:58

ATT – Transparency in application tracking is a feature that allows users to block any application from collecting advertising information. This new feature has just been added by Apple on iOS 14.5.

However, according to one iOS app provider, they can still collect data from 95% of users, even when the ATT feature is turned on. They will get the IP address from the phone and network that the user uses instead of using the usual system advertising identifier (IDFA).

This technique of obtaining IP addresses is called Fingerprinting. This technique has been known before and has also been banned by Apple. However, when IDFA was blocked, it was used again by developers.

Meanwhile, another developer also revealed that he can use “probabilistic” methods of user identification based on the iPhone’s temporary ID data instead of the permanent ID like IDFA. The temporary ID has not been blocked by Apple, so he can “circle” Apple’s laws.

Since Apple added the ATT feature, only 16% of iOS users globally and 6% in the US have agreed to choose to continue receiving online advertising. However, many apps already use alternatives as a way to identify those who disagree, thereby collecting the same amount of information as before Apple launched ATT.

Marketing strategy consultant Eric Seufert commented, even if users refuse to be tracked, users will still be collected data as before.

The problem is that Apple hasn’t really stopped this behavior of the developers so it can be seen that Apple is complicit in what is happening.

Alex Austin, CEO of mobile marketing platform Branch, ATT is just an Apple gimmick.

When launching the ATT feature on iOS 14.5, Apple encouraged users to enable ATT, then third parties could no longer track them. But if users are still being tracked, meaning the ATT tracking blocking feature doesn’t work as advertised, Apple could end up in court for misleading customers about privacy.


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