Is Framework Laptop the modular laptop you’ve been waiting for?

Is Framework Laptop the modular laptop you’ve been waiting for?


2021-09-08 20:58:50

Framework Laptop is a hot new modular laptop that has been praised by reviewers and tech enthusiasts alike.

But why is everyone so excited about the release of the Laptop Framework? And what makes it different from other modular laptops that come before it? Let’s learn a little more about the Laptop Framework with through the following article!

What is modular laptop?

Modular laptop

Many people buy laptops because of their compact size and portability. However, they have one major drawback compared to desktops: Upgradability. CPUs can be easily upgraded allowing computers to last up to 10 years.

When you own a desktop computer, you can easily upgrade any component by replacing it. For example, because GPUs are so expensive these days, many people buy desktop computers without discrete video cards, or at least only low-end cards. They will then upgrade it later with a more powerful GPU once the price has dropped.

But if you choose to buy a laptop, you don’t have this option. For most laptops, you’re stuck with whatever part the manufacturer installs in the device. While some of the higher end devices come with upgradeable RAM and SSDs, that’s all. You can’t get a better GPU or processor later on.

What is the Laptop Framework?

Laptop Framework
Laptop Framework

Framework Computer Company launched Framework Laptop in 2021 and made everyone very excited. This is because it is the first thin and light laptop with a completely modular construction. As a result, you can change many parts of your device, from the RAM and SSD to the motherboard and processor.

You have up to 4 ports on your computer, you can choose from 9 available options. You can even replace the keyboard and screen. So if the company releases a screen with a higher resolution or you damage your keyboard, it will only take you a few steps to replace them.

However, there are a few downsides to all of these upscaling capabilities. The first thing is that the laptop is not as sturdy as comparable devices.

Another downside is that it is relatively more expensive than laptops with similar specs. So if you’re looking for the most powerful option your budget can afford, this device isn’t for you.

Who is the Laptop Framework for?

Framework Laptop for those who want to be able to upgrade their laptop
Framework Laptop for those who want to be able to upgrade their laptop

If you are a computer enthusiast who wants a laptop with upgradeability, then this device is the choice for you. This is also a great choice for businesses that need to get the most out of their equipment.

Since you can swap out parts as needed, there’s no need to send it to the manufacturer for repair. You also don’t need to buy a new laptop to upgrade any parts. Just look up the appropriate part number and order from the company.

And because this laptop is completely modular, you don’t need special tools to install new parts. All you need is a screwdriver. If you’re not sure, you can go to the company’s website and watch a video tutorial to see how.

Modular laptops are great, but will the manufacturing company last?

Modular laptop is amazing and hope it can last for a long time
Modular laptop is amazing and hope it can last for a long time

One big question on everyone’s mind is, “Will the company that makes this laptop last?”. There have been attempts to create modular consumer laptops without success. Naturally, Framework Laptop buyers want to know if they will receive updated modules in the future.

After all, the reason people buy this laptop is because of its upgradeability. So, if the company stops producing updated components after 2 or 3 years, it doesn’t make sense to buy this laptop.

However, the company was founded on the principle of upgradeability and repairability. Many hope that they will stay true to their word and support the products for years to come.


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