Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to Xbox Series X|S?

Is it possible to connect a Bluetooth headset to Xbox Series X|S?

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2021-08-29 19:40:12

Gaming headsets not only deliver detailed, immersive sound, but also allow you to use your voice to communicate with other players for a more enjoyable experience.

Nowadays, with greatly improved Bluetooth latency, wireless listening models are increasingly popular for use in gaming. However, connecting is not always possible. Even some new generation gaming hardware devices today do not support Bluetooth headset connection, such as the case of Xbox Series X|S.

Bluetooth headsets are not supported separately

Microsoft has decided not to support Bluetooth headsets in Xbox Series X and S systems. That means you won’t be able to connect Bluetooth headsets to your game console or controller like you normally would.

Technically, though, if the Bluetooth headset you’re using still supports the 3.5mm stereo jack, it’s possible to connect the headset to the controller via a dual-ended 3.5mm cable. Or if you still want to use a Bluetooth connection, you can consider investing in a separate Bluetooth adapter (dongle) sold quite commonly in the market. However, this solution will need to be charged periodically and does not support the headset’s microphone. (Instead, you’ll find the microphone on the transmitter itself.) In addition, you should also prioritize buying good quality Bluetooth transceivers. Cheap devices can lead to lag, unstable connections, putting you at a disadvantage in the game.

Choose the right headphones

High-quality wireless gaming headsets often come with their own low-latency USB dongle, which handles wireless audio transmission more efficiently. These headset models also allow you to listen to game audio while chatting with friends via the built-in microphone.

While some models of gaming headsets now support Bluetooth, this would be seen as an “add-on” for use with a smartphone or laptop, rather than an ultimate choice. good for gaming.

3.5 mm . stereo jack

In case you own a traditional headset, which is still using a wired connection, it can be plugged directly into the 3.5mm stereo jack of the controller (as shown in the illustration above). If you do not mind the entanglement of the plug, this can be considered the most optimal method, both in terms of cost as well as connection quality.


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