Is it possible to reduce bandwidth when using a CDN?  Introducing a CDN that reduces bandwidth by 90%

Is it possible to reduce bandwidth when using a CDN? Introducing a CDN that reduces bandwidth by 90%


2021-07-02 03:52:37

BizFly Cloud will help you answer this question through the article below.

How does bandwidth affect the website and why should it be reduced?

For website data transmission, the wider the bandwidth, the better for the website. Narrow bandwidth makes users unable to access and greatly affects the quality of service that the website provides, especially during peak hours when many users access at the same time.

However, it is important to understand that reducing bandwidth here does not mean narrowing the bandwidth, but rather redirecting user traffic to many different edge servers to reduce the load on the origin server. From there, solve the above bottleneck.

Use a CDN to offload the origin server

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is defined as a content delivery network. The CDN system has a network of edge servers. These servers copy content from the origin server and process user requests for the origin server. That is, instead of sending a request directly to the origin server and waiting for the origin server to respond, static content such as images, CSS, JavaScript, Videos, download files … already stored on the edge servers will be saved. pay to the user closest to it. This both greatly reduces the load on the origin server and increases the response speed of the website.

Many different edge servers are installed together into a point of presence (PoP) at scale from small to large. Then many PoP points combine to form a CDN system.

The difference that CDN brings

Do not use CDN

When internet users access a website without a CDN, they have sent a request directly to the server containing that website. This will slow down the user’s access speed, especially at peak times with many simultaneous visits because the server has to bear all the burden alone.

Using CDN

When a website uses a CDN, when a user accesses that website, the CDN system closest to the user will return the content to the viewer without the need for the original server to take action.

Each area will be allocated an appropriate number of Cache Server times, thereby minimizing the main server overload.

How CDN helps reduce website bandwidth

CDN helps to expand the bandwidth and increase the load capacity of the website at the same time thanks to the large network of edge servers. According to research, the loading speed of websites using CDN is usually 15-20% faster than the loading speed of normal websites. The processing bandwidth of the origin server can be reduced by 30% – 80% (the exact number depends on the type of backup data and the level of optimization). Why?

When using CDN service, the origin server only consumes bandwidth for 1 response to requests from PoPs, in addition, PoPs will handle all access requests from users. So the origin server does not have to spend extra bandwidth to respond to user requests. This is the biggest reason to reduce bandwidth when using CDN.

In addition, the ability to cache data (the browser does not need to send the request anywhere, but will reload from the cache), increase the number of files loaded at the same time (due to the load distribution on many machines, so it will increase). number of requests processed), also helps to reduce the maximum load on the origin server.

BizFly CDN service reduces up to 90% bandwidth consumption for website

Currently, BizFly Cloud is one of the pioneers in providing CDN technology in Vietnam. BizFly CDN has a network of multiple edge servers located in different geographical locations, reducing the bandwidth consumption of the origin server by more than 90%. In addition, there are many outstanding features such as: increase web speed up to 16 times, optimize image size and size but keep the same quality, download Progressive Image images, optimize images by device, analyze user data…

BizFly CDN is currently being used by the leading electronic newspaper systems in Vietnam: Channel 14, GenK, CafeF, Cafebiz, Life & Law Newspaper… Experience 30 days of free CDN usage at:

In summary, bandwidth is one of the important indicators affecting the quality of service of the website and reducing bandwidth when using a CDN for the website is one of the preeminent, wise and most cost-effective solutions.


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