Is it true that the hashtag #ETH shows the symbol of the Ethiopian flag?

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2021-07-23 05:04:55

When you type the hashtag #Bitcoin, you will see the Bitcoin logo or #TRON will display the TRON logo. With the hashtag #eth, you will see the Ethiopian flag.

Is it true that the hashtag #ETH shows the symbol of the Ethiopian flag?

The social network Twitter today has appeared an interesting trend. That is, when entering the hashtag #eth, Twitter will automatically display the Ethiopian flag as the “symbol” instead of the Ethereum blockchain.

This was first done by Jack Dorsey himself, the founder and CEO of Twitter. Soon after, this attracted a lot of attention from the entire crypto community in particular and Twitter users in general. Prominent among them is the comment from the official Twitter of the International Olympic Committee.

“Glad to see @jack and the crypto community supporting the #ETH athletes” – Comments from Olympics Official Twitter.

Shortly after, another popular twitter account, “Bitcoin Meme Hub” made a mock-up of the “father” of Ethereum being unhappy with this action of Jack Dorsey.

“Why does the hashtag #eth show the flag of Ethiopia? This is not funny, @jack” – Vitalik Buterin was “punished” by the pro-Bitcoin meme community.

Even the DeFi Zapper management page and the CoinGecko cryptocurrency statistics page changed the Ethereum logo on the image’s website to the Ethiopian flag in response to the Twitter CEO’s joke.

So is Jack Dorsey really “trolling” Ethereum? The answer is no! Because in fact, the Ethiopian flag has absolutely nothing to do with Ethereum. Twitter has flagged the hashtags of the countries that will compete at the Tokyo 2021 Olympics. This ad is part of the “hashflags” campaign that the platform also ran for the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro.

Interestingly, the Twitter CEO also used the Ethiopian flag to promote Bitcoin as early as 2021. This was done after he rewrote lobbying efforts from a group of entrepreneurs based in Singapore. Ethiopia goes by the name “Project Mano” who are urging their government to consider mining and selling BTC.

In addition, this week, Jack Dorsey attended the “The ₿ Word” conference with Elon Musk and Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood. During the event, Dorsey expressed his hope that Bitcoin “creates world peace or helps create world peace.”

Up to now, Twitter has supported special emojis for 4 cryptocurrencies, as summarized below.

Cryptocurrencies already have their own emoji on Twitter. Source: CHK

Synthetic CHK

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