Is Samsung Galaxy S23 Series battery life really as good as rumored?

Is Samsung Galaxy S23 Series battery life really as good as rumored?

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2023-02-16 15:38:48

The Galaxy S23 series has just launched in 3 versions: the standard Galaxy S23 is compact and light, the larger Galaxy S23 Plus offers longer battery life without being too heavy, and finally the largest Galaxy S23 Ultra with support for the S Pen stylus and longest battery life.

Does Galaxy S23 series have better battery life than Galaxy S22 series?

The Galaxy S23 series does have an improvement in battery life, but the level of upgrade in each version is different. Specifically, the S23 and S23 Plus have physically larger batteries, while the S23 Ultra uses the same size as the S22 Ultra. However, the new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip and the new screen are also two factors that help increase battery life on the S23 series.

PhoneArena’s Galaxy S23 series battery test results

In the web browsing test, all versions of Galaxy S23 give longer usage time than Galaxy S22.

When streaming YouTube videos over Wi-Fi, the standard S23 Ultra and S23 also have a noticeable improvement while the S23 Plus is only on par with the S22 Plus.

Finally, for 3D gaming, all versions of the S23 have significantly improved battery life.

Battery capacity on Galaxy S23 series

Both the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 Plus have an increased battery capacity of about 200mAh, or about 5%. The Galaxy S23 version has a 3900mAh battery, while the Galaxy S23 Plus has a 4700mAh battery, the Galaxy S23 Ultra version has the same 5000mAh battery capacity as the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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