Is the wifi extender good?

Is the wifi extender good?


2021-03-31 16:17:11

The Wi-Fi range extender is introduced as a device to help improve the situation where the wifi wave cannot be widely covered or ensure the signal strength of the wifi waves. So, is the wifi extender really good, can the wifi range extend? Let’s learn the article below to better understand the wifi range extender.

What is wifi extender?

Wifi range extender or wifi extender, wifi amplifier or wifi repeater is a device that helps to collect wifi at the original wifi source, then replay that wifi with a more stable speed, longer distance.

For example, the router or modem that you are using is only the wifi coverage at a certain limit (100m), on the 1st floor. After using the Wi-Fi range extender, that coverage can reach For kilometers, you can stand on the 4th and 5th floors and still get the wifi signal without having to pull the wires to install the router equipment.

Effect of wifi range extender

  • The wifi range extender helps to convert the wifi signal more stably and strongly.
  • Helps to stabilize wifi speed in any location.
  • Helping the wifi coverage to expand and extend.
  • Cost savings because there is no wiring, and the transmitted signal is always higher in all cases.

How does the wifi range extender work?

The Wi-Fi range extender consists of two wireless routers that have a wider coverage and diffusion than the router. They receive the wifi signal from the source (modem, router), then broadcast that wifi more strongly to electronic devices that need to use wifi (phone, computer, laptop …).

The wifi range extender will broadcast in all directions at the same time, but not all directions have a good signal. Therefore, the signals will compensate and complement each other to ensure stability.

Is the wifi extender good?

Should using the wifi extender is not a concern of many users?

The answer is yes, because if you just use the modem, you will not be able to transmit wifi to all rooms, especially in the house, due to the thick walls separated. The wifi range extender helps overcome this problem, increasing the convenience of using the network many times over using a normal network modem without you having to pull the ropes.

In addition, the wifi trigger also guarantees users the level of security, similar to other traditional wifi routers (WEP, WPA, WPA2, …).

However, you should choose the best range extender for the high performance you want. You can refer to 7 best WiFi extenders, WiFi amplifiers 2021.


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