Is Trust Wallet safe?  Instructions on how to create & use

Is Trust Wallet safe? Instructions on how to create & use


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What is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a decentralized cryptocurrency storage wallet. You can use it on a mobile device and have 100% control over the private key.

In addition to using the Trust wallet to send, receive and store crypto assets. You can also use the dApp browser to access hundreds of dApps (decentralized applications), Staking.

Trust Wallet is also part of the ecosystem of Binance. It is the original wallet above Binance DEX Allows users to trade cryptocurrencies directly on the platform while still in complete control of their assets.

Trust Wallet Wallet Review

This is the All-In-One Crypto Wallet Application. You can safely store your favorite cryptocurrencies on your Android and Apple devices with the Trust Wallet mobile wallet app.

With an average user rating of 4.7 / 5.0, you can feel confident that your digital asset has the highest level of privacy and reliability when it is sent, received, or simply taken. storage.

What Coins Does Trust Wallet Support?

With Thousands of Coins / Tokens supported. Their multicoin wallet application supports all major blockchains in the Ethereum ecosystem and works with every ERC20, ERC721 and ERC223 token while also offering insurance in the form of a bitcoin wallet and possibly covering multiple currencies. other.

The Trust Wallet development team continues to add support for more cryptocurrencies each month, so be sure to check for the updates.

The main support list includes very popular coins such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash,…Especially Binance Coin

Trust wallet supports thousands of coins / tokens

Outstanding Advantages of Trust Wallet

  • Trade Anytime Anywhere: you can take full control and control of your money while trading on Binance DEX anywhere.
  • Easy Transactions on PC: The WalletConnect function of Trust wallet helps you easily trade on your PC, Laptop while interacting with Binance Dex.
  • As mentioned above, support 1000+ Coin and more updates.
  • Be insured by Binance if in the case of force majeure is hacked due to the error of the wallet but not from you.

Instructions on how to create a Trust Wallet wallet

Download the Trust Wallet app

Download the app first Trust wallet on Google Play or iOS App store.

The application is in Vietnamese, so the installation process is quite simple. You just need to follow the steps they instructed.

Once downloaded, launch the app and press the button Create a new wallet.

If you already have a wallet, select the line below to restore your wallet.

Create a Trust Wallet wallet

Wallet backup

This is quite an important step. It will help you secure and restore your wallet on another phone if necessary.

So please pay attention to this step!

To backup you tick the line “I understand …. my wallet ”then pressed the button Continue.

Trust wallet backup

At this step you will be presented with a 12-word wallet recovery phrase. You save these 12 words in order.

The safest way is to write it down for offline storage, not take screenshots for security reasons.Wallet recovery phrase

Next, you verify the wallet recovery phrase again. You re-enter the correct 12 words in the order and then press the button Next.

If you entered the wrong order, you must re-enter it.

Trust wallet recovery phrase confirmation

So that’s it then. Once created, you will be able to enter the interface of the trust wallet as shown below.

Trust wallet interface

Next, we will go over the use of wallets.

Instructions on how to use Trust Wallet

Add coin to send and receive

By default, the wallet only shows 3 coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB. To display more, click on the mark + in the top right corner.

Enter the name of the coin you want to add to the search box, click select to finish.

Add coin to send and receive on the trust wallet

Send and receive coins on Trust wallet

To send and receive coin (electronic money) on the wallet, you receive its icon. This icon appears when you added it in the above step.

The example below is using BTC.

Send and receive coin on trust wallet

  • Press the button To send if you want to withdraw bitcoin or send it to another bitcoin address.
  • Press the button Take to get your Bitcoin address (QR Code).
  • Press the button Copy to quickly copy your Bitcoin address.

The same is true for other cryptocurrencies, everyone.

Staking on Trust Wallet

To Staking on Trust Wallet you go to section Finance in the corner of the screen. Next, click on the coin you want to Staking.

Staking on Trust Wallet

For example, here I choose Cosmos (ATOM) as the model.

Staking atom on the Trust wallet

You press the button More Then there will be a menu of: Stake Details, Stake and Unstake and Claim rewards. You choose Stake to start Stake ATOM.

  • Stake Details: Information about the interest and the lockout period, .. of your companions are staking
  • Stake: Transfer money to stake
  • Unstake: Stop staking
  • Claim rewards: Get rewarded from staking

Begin staking atom

Next, you enter the amount you want to stake and choose validators to stake.

The default validator is the highest interest rate. You can choose another validators if you want. You press the button Next to go to the next step.

Select the confirmation person to staking on the trust wallet

In the end you just need to confirm and press the button To send is done. Here, because I don’t have enough ATOM, I can’t do it.


  • Once staking has commenced, you cannot transfer during the lockout period. The number of coins will be frozen for each coin such as Tron is 3 days, ATOM 21 days.
  • After the lockout period you will receive the Staking award
  • If you want to continue Staking then leave it and get rewarded if you want to stop then choose Unstake Please.

Send shares

Web 3.0 browser on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is integrated with a web browser 3.0 to help you access the internet in a more decentralized way.

However, because of Apple’s policies, Trust Wallet has to uninstall the Dapps browser. For this reason, I cannot Demo for everyone to browse.

Everyone can explore on Android devices

Transactions on Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is built in the decentralized exchange associated with Kyber Network to trade ETH with ERC20 token and Binance DEX to trade BNB with BEP2 Token.

Part Convert then you can transfer ERC20 and BEP2 tokens. Still Exchanges Similar to Binance DEX but this is the Mobile version.

Quite convenient, right?

Transactions on trust wallet

Instructions for using the Dapp browser on iOS

For those who still need access DApps 30 On iOS devices, this guide will help you get the TestFlight version of Trust Wallet that still includes the DApp browser. TestFlight 90 is an iOS application that developers use for beta testing of applications.

Follow these steps in order:

Step 1: Install Test Flight

Download the Test Flight version by clicking any of the links below:

Note: TestFlight will have to be pre-installed to use the Beta version of Trust Wallet .

You will be redirected to TestFlight’s page Trust Wallet . Click on “View in App Store ” to install TestFlight.

test flight settings

Step 2: Install Trust Wallet

After installing TestFlight, tap one of the links again to get it Trust Wallet .

Click on “Install , then wait for the installation to complete.

trust wallet settings

Step 3: Start the Dapp browser

Click on “Opento launch the application. Create or Import a wallet. Then you did restore the DApp browser on your iOS device.

launch dapp browser

Note Finally, make sure you have a backup of your wallet.

Some frequently asked questions

? Is Trust wallet safe?

Have! Trust Wallet is a decentralized wallet, you have full control over your private key. So no one can access your account without private key.

✔️ How to secure Trust wallet

  • Do not download trust wallet applications from unknown sources
  • Do not install apps on rooted devices
  • Do not install malicious software on the phone
  • Save the offline recovery phrase (write down on paper)
  • Do not disclose your recovery phrase or secret key to anyone

? How to restore Trust wallet

When you change or lose your phone, you can restore it by selecting the “I already have a wallet“When you first download the application. Next, enter the saved 12-word recovery phrase and you’re done.


It can be said that this is also a very good choice if you intend to find a Bitcoin wallet or ripple wallet or the best ERC20 standard coin, which can replace the Myetherwallet wallet.

Security and Safety are always number 1 when you enter this cryptocurrency market.

In addition, on our page there are many different types of wallets, you can refer to the column Virtual Wallet.

Good luck!
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