Israel launches ultra-advanced remote wall-seeing technology, ‘sensitive’ to the point of detecting even breathing

Israel launches ultra-advanced remote wall-seeing technology, ‘sensitive’ to the point of detecting even breathing

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2021-10-15 07:21:11

The Israeli defense industry has successfully developed a state-of-the-art reconnaissance system that allows users to ‘see through walls’ at extremely long distances. The device is expected to be unveiled for the first time at a military show in Paris next week.

It is known that this see-through technology is developed by Camero-Tech, an Israeli company specializing in “through-the-wall imaging” solutions based on UWB (Ultra Wideband – ultra-wideband) pulses.

According to The Jerusalem Post, Camero-Tech has successfully developed the Xaver™ LR40 (XLR40), a reconnaissance system that can detect “living objects” hidden behind walls at a distance of more than 50m. Light weight and portable, XLR40 possesses the ability to accurately track and determine the presence of all moving objects/objects behind walls in real time.

The new XLR40 system from the Israeli company Camero-Tech can see through walls at a distance.

“The uniqueness of the XLR40 comes from the fact that it allows us to ‘see through walls’ at a much greater range than before, for a longer period of time than any other existing system. around the world,” said Ilan Abramovich, VP of business development, sales and marketing at Camero-Tech.

According to Camero-Tech, this technology is especially useful in situations that require covert operations, when special forces need to maintain a safe distance from the target. It can also be used in search and rescue operations.

“There are many potential uses for XLR systems: for example, they can be placed inside a designated vehicle that can be quickly moved from one place to another; or they can be placed hidden behind camouflage nets during covert missions; or placed in apartments or rooftops near the target location,” says manufacturer Camero-Tech.

The XLR40 is part of a new line of mobile reconnaissance equipment recently commercialized by Camero-Tech. The XLR80, another Camero-Tech system on sale, can even detect living objects at a distance of more than 100 meters, thanks to its larger size and stronger performance than the XLR40.

Israel launches ultra-advanced remote wall-seeing technology, so sensitive that it can detect even breathing - Photo 2.

“All of our radars are based on radio signals in the ultra-wide frequency band. This means we are sending pulses continuously and each pulse is sent in a super-wide frequency range. That’s why. , we can actually ‘see’ through many physical walls,” Abramovich explains about how the device works.

Accordingly, the goal of this technology is to provide operational advantages to ground forces in hostile environments. In fact, the system is so ‘sensitive’ that it can detect even the smallest movements like breathing. However, like other UWB visual reconnaissance systems, the only material this technology cannot see through is solid, solid metal.

“We know that any radio signal cannot pass through solid metal; this is a physical phenomenon known as a Faraday cage. On the other hand, with materials such as reinforced concrete, which is composed of rebar, metal mesh or wire mesh – our system can still ‘see’ through the small holes in between the metal wires,” explains Mr Abramovich.

Camero-Tech will introduce its new system at Milipol – a domestic safety and security exhibition taking place from October 19 to 22 in Paris (France).

Refer to Jerusalem Post

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