It is true that there are winners and losers, but the ending is still a couple of paths

It is true that there are winners and losers, but the ending is still a couple of paths


2021-04-02 16:20:21

Note: The article does reveal Godzilla vs. content. Kong

Before Godzilla vs. Godzilla. Kong premiered on March 26 in Vietnam, director Adam Wingard once affirmed that the war between these two Titans would have a clear victory and defeat, absolutely nothing ended with a “score” draw. The young director has kept his promise: Godzilla beat his opponent not only once but twice to continue asserting his position as the king of the monster, and Kong also has moments of shine for himself. Besides, the smart scenario building style helps both of these giant beasts survive fierce battles and closes the movie in a “happy family” way.

Godzilla vs. Kong begins with two opposing images: the gorilla that inhabited the kong leisurely in the Kong track and nurturing area created by Monarch after they took it out of Skull Island; while Godzilla was still wandering the ocean and suddenly attacked everyone without reason, with the aim of targeting Apex’s headquarters. It is this that prompted Apex to cooperate with Monarch, seeking to go to Hollow Earth to exploit power large enough to fight the atomic monster. They decided to send Kong to their headquarters in Antarctica to assist them in this dangerous mission.

Godzilla vs. Kong was “engaged” very quickly with the first battle that took place at sea during the voyages of Monarch, Apex and Kong to Antarctica.

This is also the reason that led to the first war between the two Titan species. Right from the very first movies, Godzilla has always had the ideal of protecting the balance of the Earth, ready to fight when any other beast appears, and also to maintain its digital position. 1 of them. Therefore, the fact that Kong appeared in the world made it uncomfortable.

Although the Monarch skillfully moved Kong along the seas that Godzilla seldom visited, they still couldn’t get past the atomic monster. Although Kong tried very hard to fight and had many times made the enemy face, but with the advantage of terrain, Godzilla easily overpowered the opponent and made Kong literally choke the water. It was thanks to Monarch’s wits that when they turned off all the engines on the ship to “fake death”, the atomic monster refused to leave and believe that Kong no longer posed a threat to it. This is 1 – 0 in favor of Godzilla.

Directed by Godzilla vs.  Kong has kept his promise: It is true that there are winners and losers, but in the end, there are still two paths - Photo 2.

The battle at sea ended with a convincing victory for Godzilla, and Kong only escaped through the agility of the Monarch members.

After discovering that Kong had gone to Hollow Earth and found the ax of his ancestor, Godzilla, now present in Hong Kong, immediately shot his atomic fire at the center of the Earth to destroy his opponent, forced Kong to fight with her. In this battle, Kong dominated many times thanks to the urban terrain suitable for its flexible movement and clever climbing tactics. In addition, Kong’s ax capable of intercepting and absorbing the energy from the atomic flame accidentally deprived Godzilla of one of Godzilla’s powerful attacks.

However, perhaps Kong has forgotten that his opponent also has limbs with sharp claws, enough to finish off enemies when having to fight melee. In fact, the giant chimpanzee almost lost his life because of strong scratches that did not hold back in his chest. Next, it roared in the face of Kong to assert its No. 1 position. Had it not been for Dr. Nathan Lind to sacrifice and Apex’s HEAV to electrify Kong’s giant heart, it would have been permanently impossible to recover from a death war with an opponent. The score is 2 – 0 for Godzilla, and this is also the final result in this blockbuster.

Directed by Godzilla vs.  Kong has kept his promise: It is true that there are winners and losers, but in the end, there are still two paths - Photo 3.

In the second battle, despite blocking Godzilla’s atomic breath, Kong still suffered a bitter defeat and nearly lost his life.

However, director Adam Wingard and the team of screenwriters did not forget to help Kong have a moment to shine for himself. Although he failed twice, the chimpanzee still helped Godzilla defeat MechaGodzilla, even the one who gave an impressive final blow. That helps Godzilla realize that Kong is not his enemy, accepting its existence instead of continuing to fight each other to death. Closing the movie, Godzilla returns to the sea and continues to sit on the throne of the monster world on the ground. And Kong became the lord of Hollow Earth, also the real house it has been searching for. The two Titans divided and ruled the two worlds, river water did not break well.

In short, as stated by Adam Wingard, Godzilla vs. Adam. Kong ended with Godzilla winning. However, the two still coexist in the Earth’s ecosystem, even in two different worlds, breaking the rule “only the highest level predator is allowed to exist” that previous films have. accidentally set off.

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