It’s too early to say ChatGPT made many careers disappear

It’s too early to say ChatGPT made many careers disappear

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2023-02-05 03:14:40

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoai – Director of the Vietnam Institute of Artificial Intelligence shared with VTC News about AI chatbot that is “storming” globally when it was first launched in just a few months.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoai – Director of the Vietnam Institute of Artificial Intelligence.

– As a leading expert in artificial intelligence technology, what factors do you think helped ChatGPT create a fever?

First, we need to understand that the underlying technology behind ChatGPT is large language models (LLM), in the field of generative AI. Generating AI is a type of AI used to generate new content after training on data and content in the past.

In recent years, we have witnessed the birth of AI software that creates surprises and great media effects such as Midjourney, DALL-E (image generator). However, as far as I know, ChatGPT is the first user interaction application of generative AI that is open to general users.

Of course, chatbots are not a new technology product of AI. ChatGPT’s generative AI technologies aren’t new either, but it’s the first generative AI big language model-based chatbot tool available to the general public as a finished product (though it’s a new product). beta test version).

The second point is that ChatGPT’s user experience is built to be more user-friendly than similar tools. The OpenAI team already knows how to tweak LLM for the chatbot problem.

Generating AI and products based on generative AI technology like ChatGPT is definitely the trend of AI technology in the near future. It is capable of taking advantage of large amounts of training data without much human intervention during self-learning.

– Many people think that, with what ChatGPT can do, it can help it replace people in some specific professions, causing many professions to disappear. Do you think this statement is correct?

It is too early to make general or macro judgments about ChatGPT. It takes time for more serious, systematic, and methodical assessments. Moreover, ChatGPT is currently a beta version and the language and system model will be updated.

Vietnam AI expert: It's too early to say ChatGPT makes many careers disappear - Photo 2.

AI.jpeg . Institute Director

The upcoming trend is still humans combined with AI assistance to work.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoai – President of AI Academy Vietnam

OpenAI is expected to announce a new LLM, GPT-4, which replaces ChatGPT’s platform GPT-3 model in the near future.

On the other hand, ChatGPT or other AI-generating technologies are not without limitations. Therefore, there is not enough basis to conclude such as “AI replaces people” or “AI will replace occupations”.

However, AI-generating technologies and products like ChatGPT will significantly change some industries and fields (in both good and bad directions), especially those that need to produce a lot of content, for example. as education or media.

The upcoming trend is still humans combined with AI assistance to work.

– What do you personally think about ChatGPT, do you think this AI is as ‘superior’ as people say?

As discussed above, we do not have enough information about everything inside ChatGPT and we do not have enough time to have many serious experiences and reviews. ChatGPT system and ChatGPT system and generated AI technology, its platform will continue to be trained and updated to become more intelligent.

The strength of ChatGPT as seen is taking advantage of the capabilities of LLMs and being careful and careful in making training data, refining models, making products, so ChatGPT is probably the first AI chatbot to be widely used. which has a good user experience.

The ability to write (generate) the language of ChatGPT is very good, smooth (coherence) bright (good logic), just like the writer. It creates a very good communication effect for AI applications as well as makes it possible to hope for the application of cognitive AI models in mass-user applications. . It also makes researchers see that LLMs are closer to the goal of building cognitive AI models with human-like capabilities (in terms of thinking, reasoning, language use, creativity, etc.) ).

However, with the limitations of current generation AI technologies, it seems that ChatGPT can only simulate language generation (answer form), human writing style, but cannot guarantee correctness. of content.

Moreover, the disadvantages of LLMs such as bias, although taken into account in the development of ChatGPT, are still a potential problem. In other aspects such as business, society, people, etc., whether ChatGPT is superior or not is still an open question that needs more time to be tested.

Vietnam AI expert: It's too early to say ChatGPT makes many careers disappear - Photo 3.

Building a chatbot tool like ChatGPT requires a large investment of budget and technology, not every company in the world can do it.

– Many technology companies in Vietnam have been investing in artificial intelligence industry. In your opinion, what are the opportunities for us to build a foothold in this industry in the future?

ChatGPT is based on LLM with generative AI technology. The GPT-3 model behind it is a large model with up to 175 billion parameters (The upcoming GPT-4 model is expected to have more than 1,000 billion parameters). The cost to build such LLMs is enormous. There are sources that say that electricity alone for training GPT-3 has reached more than 10 million USD, not to mention the problem of huge amount of data.

In the world today, as far as I know, only about 5-6 companies can build such large generating AI models (called foundation models). In addition to cost and data barriers, business, market, etc. are also barriers that make it difficult for AI technology companies in Vietnam (or in many other countries) to create models. AI models create similar platforms.

If choosing to develop this generational AI technology in the near future, I think Vietnamese technology companies must choose either to find niche markets, for example specializing in a certain field, when we have the data advantage (because the new LLM GPT-3 models only train on open and public data sources).

The second trend is standing on the shoulders of giants. It’s about taking advantage of those big models to build specific applications. Of course, in addition to cognitive AI, targeting AI in specialties (banking, insurance, manufacturing, etc – industrial AI) is also a possible direction for businesses doing AI in Vietnam. This can take advantage of local advantages in terms of data, problems, experts and expert knowledge, customers, markets.

ChatGPT (Chat Generative Pre-training Transformer) is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by OpenAI company. The special feature of this AI lies in the huge store of knowledge that it is provided with or through learning.

In the form of question and answer, ChatGPT can support answering questions, searching for information, translating, composing poetry, composing music, designing, writing essays, correcting programming errors, taking tests, teaching, consulting…

According to CBS, ChatGPT has become the fastest application to attract new users among popular applications on the internet today. A report by UBS Investment Bank, based on data from Similar Web, ChatGPT published by OpenAI at the end of November 2022, attracted 57 million users after a month. As of January 31, this AI chatbot has reached 100 million users. On average every day in January, it attracts 13 million visitors.

On February 2, OpenAI launched a $20/month subscription for the ChatGPT Plus version, providing users with a more stable, faster service and advanced features compared to the free version.

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