Japanese company testing tires that don’t need to be inflated

Japanese company testing tires that don’t need to be inflated


2023-04-01 08:17:44

NHK (Japan) channel said that this tire has high-performance resin spokes that support the weight of the vehicle and create comfort when driving. Tests of this tire have been started since February on electric vehicles.

Bridgestone adds that the plastic spokes of this airless tire technology make the design more flexible and easier to recycle than conventional tires. The project leader says this tire can contribute to a circular society because the tread can be replaced many times.

Bridgestone teamed up with electric vehicle company Idemitsu Kosan to test the tire. General Director of Idemitsu Kosan – Mr. Akira Oishi commented:

“We believe the concept of airless tires developed by Bridgestone is environmentally friendly. Non-punctured tires reduce the risk of stopping and are expected to increase utility value for customers.”

Bridgestone’s airless tires aim to eliminate the need for tire management. Conventional tires are inflated with high-pressure air, which gives the tire a spring-like function to support the vehicle’s weight and absorb impact forces from the road surface. Inappropriate pressure or under-inflated tires cause problems while driving.

Here is a Bridgestone video of the airless tire:

Japanese company testing tires that don’t need to be inflated

Another Japanese tire maker, Sumitomo Rubber, is also developing a system that provides drivers with real-time data on the condition of car tires. This system can determine tire pressure, wear and other conditions even while the vehicle is in motion.

Sumitomo Rubber plans to put the system into commercial use by fiscal 2024. The company hopes that eventually the data will be able to be accessed remotely when used for self-driving cars. Japanese officials say the technology could improve the safety of self-driving cars.

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