Japanese social network – LINE launches NFT trading market with 40,000 products

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2022-04-16 18:42:49

On April 13, Japan’s leading social network and messaging app, LINE launched its own NFT marketplace, adding to the list of crypto-ready features.

LVC Corporation, operator of LINE’s blockchain and crypto asset businesses, will be responsible for managing the platform. New service in cooperation with Yoshimoto Kogyo (a large Japanese entertainment corporation) allows 90 million LINE users to send and exchange NFT together.

Users can store purchased NFTs in their LINE BITMAX wallet. This is a digital asset management wallet that customers can easily register through their LINE accounts. Then, through the LINE app 90 million accounts in Japan can conveniently send or exchange NFTs. In the future, LVC will combine with other services to bring users more interesting experiences.

LINE NFT launch ceremony on April 13, 2022

LINE NFT will begin offering approximately 40,000 NFT products, including Yoshimoto NFT Theater (videos of top comedians at Yoshimoto Kogyo’s performances created specifically for NFT), Patlabor the Mobile Police diorama art (created by NFT), and Patlabor the Mobile Police diorama art. specially made to celebrate the 30th anniversary). In addition, NFT videos of popular characters such as Gyuunyuu, Usagyuuun, and Betakkuma will also be available at the site. From April 20, NFTs to celebrate the retirement of athlete Kohei Uchimura, as well as original NFTs by manga artist Yashiroazuki will appear on the floor.

LINE NFT’s strength lies in its diversity of approaches, allowing users to conveniently start using the service through the LINE app. In the future, with the concept of “LINE Blockchain designed for everyone”, LVC aims to provide NFT and other blockchain technology and services that can be practically applied in the daily life of users.

NFTs are growing in popularity across Japan, despite the country’s relatively strict regulations on cryptocurrencies. Earlier this year, major Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten announced the launch of its own NFT trading platform called Rakuten NFT. The Japanese e-commerce giant says it will be a service that provides a marketplace for users who want to trade NFTs. Its themes are quite diverse, covering areas such as sports, entertainment, music, and anime.

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