Johnny Dang’s Youtube channels were ‘Spam’ with the message ‘support Khoa Pug’ amid the virtual currency controversy

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2021-12-05 19:39:14

Last night, Khoa Pug – A popular Vlogger on Youtube, suddenly posted a status saying that he was scammed and taken advantage of. Based on the content, many netizens affirmed that Khoa Pug wanted to refer to Johnny Dang.

Khoa Pug’s long and meaningful status line last night (Photo: FBNV)

Shortly after this morning, Johnny Dang also posted a video of protest and gave the address of Khoa Pug’s virtual currency wallet for the online community to make their own comments.

The latest video of Khoa Pug

As a response, this morning, Khoa Pug’s Youtube channel suddenly appeared a new video. In this video, a Youtuber with 3.99 million Subs shared that he was threatened with payment by an individual. In some recent moves, Khoa Pug said he was scammed, appropriating an amount of VND 30 billion from that individual.

Khoa Pug’s 56-minute video then attracted more than 1 million views within about 4 hours of publication.

In his Video, Khoa Pug shared: “Unexpectedly, one day I was threatened by someone with Vietnamese blood and speaking Vietnamese”; he also added “Not from a stranger, but from someone I once supported, invested billions of silver, wasted all my fame and money, I silently ignored it, now even threatening my life. !”.

Although not only by name, netizens all guessed that Khoa Pug was referring to Johnny Dang – who was previously quite close and appeared in many of his Vlogs and had a business relationship with virtual currency. DBZ Coin of the Diamond King.

Content supporting Khoa Pug appears densely on videos belonging to the channel system owned by Johnny Dang

Immediately after Khoa Pug’s video appeared, a wave from Khoa Pug’s supporters appeared and spread from Khoa’s video to Johnny Dang’s Youtube channel system with a comment that was ‘spamed’ a lot with the content. :

“Following Khoa Pub for a long time, I strongly believe in his people, his credibility and what he does is really right. It’s a pity that a good person like Khoa Pub meets a petty, vile, deceitful and dirty life, I hope Johnny will admit his mistake, fix his personality, don’t worsen the nature of our Vietnamese blood”.

Translated as “Following Khoa Pub for a long time, I strongly believe in the person, his credibility and what he does is right. It’s a pity that a good person like Khoa Pub has encountered pettiness and cowardice. condescending, deceitful and dirty, I hope Johnny will accept his mistake, fix his personality, and don’t worsen the nature of our Vietnamese blood.”

The content of this comment is spread on many different videos of Mr. Hoang Kim Cuong’s Youtube channels such as “Johny Tuan Dang” – a personal channel with 363 thousand Subs, JohnnyDang&Co – the channel of Kim Hoan company owned by Johnny Dang with nearly 1 million subs. Even the Diamond Boyz Coin channel with more than 6000 subs and 3 videos cannot escape the wave of Spam from the online community.

Currently, the above spam comments are still continuing and there is no sign of cooling down.


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