Join “Coding Camp – Breaking Web 3.0 with Solana” & Get Rewards Up to 100,000

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2022-04-16 12:43:11

Event Coding Camp – Ice Breaking Web 3.0 with Solana

Wishing to bring the background knowledge about Web 3.0 to the Vietnamese technology community more widely, Solana – the world’s fastest growing blockchain platform, together with CHK and Sentre implemented the program “Web3 Coding Camp“.

The program will include a series of workshops exclusively for the top 100 applicants with the most impressive CVs. This is also a space for young programmers and technology talents to try Web 3.0 and receive attractive rewards, and access career development opportunities on a global scale.

In addition, the organizers have combined with the foundation Rove to build a Metaverse virtual universe specialized for learning about Web 3.0. In this universe, anyone can freely access any material and learn about Web 3.0, using the Rust programming language.

Learn more: What is Web 3.0?

Event time Web3 Coding Camp

Total time: 6 weeks (April 15, 2022 – June 5, 2022).

Registration deadline:

  • Start from April 15, 2022.
  • Ended at 00:59 minutes on April 24, 2022.

Register Place

Register for the program at:

Experience the world of Metaverse for free at:

How to join

Candidates will write a CV and submit it to the organizers.

The 100 best registered CVs will participate in a series of intensive training workshops on Web 3.0.

The group of 100 selected candidates will have the opportunity to present, in front of prestigious judges at home and abroad, about their project on Demo Day.

Prize details

  • Prize I $15,000.
  • Second Prize $10,000.
  • Prize III $5,000.

In addition, there are scholarships for 10 programmers with the most outstanding performance; valuable prizes from the competition’s partners, and the opportunity to recruit and work for the Solana ecosystem on a global scale.

About Solana

Solana is an open source project with high performance without permission. This platform is built to develop and scale user-friendly applications around the world. Visit Solana at:

About CHK

CHK is a digital super app, designed to help billions of people connect and keep digital assets safe and secure.

CHK provides a comprehensive and trusted ecosystem including essential services such as NFT wallet & unattended digital currency, multi-chain, integrated decentralized exchange, liquidity bridge cross-chain, powerful DApp browser and tool portal; along with programs to earn rewards, gifts, events, and other attractive activities.

About Sentre Protocol

Sentre Protocol is an All-in-One open platform operating on the Solana network, providing a DApp Store and an open protocol for liquidity accumulation. This is where:

  • Users can install their favorite DApps and experience the world of DeFi on a single platform.
  • Developers and partners can release DApps through Sen Store, take advantage of available resources, and freely contribute to the platform.

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