Join Google in the countdown to welcome “The Merge” of Ethereum!!!

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2022-09-14 19:58:42

Recently, the search engine giant Google has provided a countdown feature for the most anticipated event of the crypto community at the moment, The Merge – Merge of Ethereum.

Less than 3 days left, The Merge event will take place. In preparation to celebrate this important milestone, Google rolled out a super cute Google Doodle, featuring a “countdown” feature.

Various images in Google Doodles temporary logos to celebrate holidays, events, achievements, and people. GG Doodles was born to help turn vivid images for more interesting times when users search for information on Google.

Ethereum: The Merge is a very important event, an upgrade for the Ethereum network as this blockchain moves from PoW (Proof – of – Work) to PoS (Proof – of – Stake). You can type “ethereum merge” into the Google search bar (combined with English language editing) and it will return a countdown timer for The Merge. With that, below description:

  • Difficulty Ratio: how many times a miner has to compute a hash to record a block of transactions)
  • Hash Rate – Hashrate: total computing power used across the entire network
  • The picture of two bears with arms outstretched close to each other…

If this upgrade is successful, the “two bears” will merge to create a panda – an idea that originated from a meme on Twitter.

The meme that inspired the creation of the countdown to The Merge on Google
The meme that inspired the creation of the countdown to The Merge on Google

An engineer working on Google’s web3 team was the first to mention Ethereum’s doodle feature, tagging founder Vitalik Buterin in his tweet:

Engineer Padilla said the idea has been circulating for the past few weeks among the company’s employees, who want to draw an “easter egg”, taking advantage of the days to wait for the completion of The Merge upgrade. Responding to a comment on Twitter, Padilla revealed that data is being pulled in real time, directly from the Ethereum network through several nodes hosted by the platform.

In addition, Google is gradually showing a move deeper into the web3, with the provision of blockchain infrastructure services using Google Cloud. It is known that Google is currently working with Nansen, Dapper Labs, Solana and established a team to specialize in web 3 research in May.

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