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2021-10-31 02:58:06

Origin Squid Games – a community competition inspired by the Netflix series, will start at 22:00 on November 1, Vietnam time. Register now at:

Maybe you’ve heard or seen the movie Squid Games famous. The movie is inspired by Korean children’s games. A group of contestants compete through a series of challenges to win a large amount of money. When a contestant is eliminated, an amount will be added to the prize pool for the final winner.

The financial incentive has motivated the participating members to eliminate as many competitors as possible. However, the team play will make players have to find people to collaborate and support each other to get to the final stage.

Although the game scenario Origin offers will be different from the reality in the movie, we took inspiration from the community gaming and the element of increasing the prize when 1 person is eliminated.

How is Origin Squid Game game mechanics?

The Origin Squid game will have a total of 5 rounds taking place over five days across Origin’s 5 different social media platforms. Each round will test the players’ knowledge of Origin, their ability to find hidden clues, and their competitive spirit.

To ensure fairness, the contest rules for each round will only be revealed on the date the contest is set to take place. Failure to complete any rounds will mean you will be disqualified and no longer eligible to receive any rewards from the prize pool. However, we may hold small programs during the contest period to reward our followers, do not forget to follow Origin’s official channels to receive the latest updates.

Each player will represent 1 quantity OGN certain, and when 1 person is eliminated, the bonus fund will increase. So, don’t forget to invite your friends to join, the more people, the higher the bonus fund.

Conditions of participation

To be eligible, you need to apply through Google forms. If you do not have an account on the platforms we require, you can create a new account and share in the form. If you do not complete the information on the form, you will not be eligible to participate.

Steps to take before attending:

What do you need to do next?

Once these tasks are completed, all you need to do is wait for the first round of competitions to officially begin. at 22:00 on 11/1. All details on how to participate in Round 1 will be shared on the day of the competition.

Sign up here:

Learn more about Origin


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