July iPhone XS price hits a new bottom, the once-legendary is now cheaper than the mid-range Galaxy A52s

July iPhone XS price hits a new bottom, the once-legendary is now cheaper than the mid-range Galaxy A52s


2022-07-25 07:13:07

iPhone Xs Max officially launched in September 2018. For the next 2 years, Xs Max has always been on the list of iPhones in particular and high-end smartphones in general, the best-selling globally. Even when Apple launched the iPhone 13 series, the Xs Max was still favored by many users because of its ability to take beautiful photos as good as professional cameras.

iPhone XS price in July continues to bottom

According to a survey at dealers, the price of iPhone XS in July continued to drop sharply. Specifically, iPhone XS is currently priced from VND 8,290,000 for the 64GB version, VND 9,490,000 for the 256GB version and VND 12,490,000 for the 512GB version. Of course, on the market currently only the old iPhone XS is left, but it has the same quality as new and users can still use it well. At this price, iPhone XS is completely “beautiful” “mid-range king” Samsung Galaxy A52s is sold for 8,490,000 VND.

Some outstanding features of iPhone XS

Keeping the same design as the iPhone X with the combination of tempered glass and stainless steel plus the characteristic “rabbit ears” and the camera cluster located along the rear, the iPhone XS focuses on improving the configuration, performance and features. internal factors to convince users.

Compared to the iPhone X senior, the iPhone XS is more focused on visibility with a series of high-end technologies, including a large 5.8-inch screen made from OLED panels that provides the ultimate entertainment experience. high with wide color range, high level of detail.

It also has a 2-way audio system tweaked by Apple that delivers a wide, detailed sound range. In addition, the improved Face ID system, which supports artificial intelligence, also helps iPhone XS enhance security.

One of the points that makes the iPhone XS so popular with users is its ability to take beautiful photos that are not inferior to the new generation flagships thanks to the 12MP dual camera cluster and many modern features. It also has IP68 water and dust resistance, giving you more peace of mind during use, especially when carrying your phone to take photos on the road.

The A12 Bionic chip also helps the iPhone XS to have outstanding performance and optimal energy efficiency. Therefore, it can “fight” any game easily without worrying about lag during play.

Reasons to buy iPhone XS in July

With a price tag of just over 8 million, can’t ask for more in a high-end smartphone that meets almost the maximum of users’ needs. However, the small 5.8-inch screen is also a “defect” that makes the XS a bit “underdog” before the new generation iPhone lines. In addition, when buying a used phone, you should also carefully check your ability to make calls, connect to Wi-Fi, 4G, take photos, screen sensitivity, etc. to avoid buying a poor quality smartphone.

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