Just one moment, the main cast of The Avengers have the same feeling this movie and MCU will be great success

Just one moment, the main cast of The Avengers have the same feeling this movie and MCU will be great success


2021-03-26 10:39:04

Given the current position of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), it is difficult to imagine how this franchise was under a lot of pressure and difficulties when it started forming nearly 13 years ago. When he opened with Iron Man 2008, Disney didn’t even keep an eye on Marvel Studios, and president Kevin Feige had no guarantee that the model of the cinematic universe he was pursuing would be well-received. heat.

And The Avengers, which closes the first phase of the MCU, launched in 2012, is the biggest test to decide whether the long-distance plan Feige has outlined in advance can be successful. After building their own movie for 4/6 main superheroes, Marvel Studios decided to create their first major crossover event, and the result they earned was a revenue of more than $ 1.5 billion. . More importantly, it is the belief in a bright future for the superhero movie line as well as the movie universe model.

Before The Avengers premiered in 2012, the success of the MCU and the model of the cinematic universe was still something ambiguous, not really certain.

However, while most of the projects between Iron Man and The Avengers have been a big hit, Incredible Hulk is like an off-tone note in Marvel’s already perfect concert. This proves that if they are not careful, their works can still fail. And for the actors who have been with Marvel Studios since the early days, they themselves are not really sure whether they can accompany and succeed with this universe in the long term. But, just for a moment on the set of The Avengers, they all have the same feeling: This movie, and the MCU, will be a big name on the world cinema map.

It was a 360-degree shot around the main superheroes, marking the first time the six of them stood on the same front, literally and figuratively, in the MCU.

Just for a moment, the main cast of The Avengers have the same feeling this movie and the MCU will be great success - Photo 2.

The moment the cast recognizes The Avengers, and the MCU, will surely be extremely successful.

In a recent interview with The Gentlewoman, Scarlett Johansson (as Black Widow), she frankly shared personal feelings about the script idea The Avengers. At first, when she heard director Joss Whedon explain the general story, the actress was not very interested: “Even the segment where we gathered together, in seemingly epic superhero costumes, was already a disaster. It’s not that bad, but I’m really confused about this idea“.

Johansson said that suspicions about the script remained in her, until Marvel Studios officially completed the recording process and the main cast was allowed to review her footage. The actress said: “I still remember when we did that 360-degree shot, we were standing on top of the rubble in Grand Central or something, surrounded by alien monsters. I think that was the moment when all of us, after 6 months of filming, shared the same feeling: “Here it is, this movie will definitely be successful. I think this movie will be really successful“.

Although Johansson’s character was officially killed in Avengers: Endgame, her journey in the MCU will continue. Recently, Marvel Studios has officially announced that the Black Widow movie will be released on July 9, instead of the next May 7. Besides, follow Warner Bros. and HBO Max, this movie and a number of other Disney projects, will also premiere on Disney + at the same time in theaters.

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