Just over a million dong, should you buy an iPhone 6 in March 2023?

Just over a million dong, should you buy an iPhone 6 in March 2023?

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2023-03-18 19:03:39

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus launched in September 2014 but so far, many users are still searching for this iPhone. In fact, iPhone 6 Plus is still being sold as an old device, which is quite popular in Vietnam. So should you buy it or not?

Many stores currently selling used iPhones can still sell, iPhone 6 or Plus version from 1,390,000 VND for the fully functional version and 16GB capacity if you are lucky you can choose a higher capacity. In our opinion, if you have this amount of money, spend it on buying a cheap Android smartphone rather than a deep-seated iPhone like the iPhone 6/Plus.

iPhone 6 Plus marks an important change in Apple’s design. With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple gave users the first time a phone with a screen up to 5.5 inches. Although it is quite old, the screen quality of the iPhone 6 Plus is quite good as it has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, an aspect ratio of 16: 9 with a pixel density of up to 401 ppi. As high as some current mid-range and low-cost smartphones.

However, after nearly 10 years, now, iPhone 6 Plus on the market is mostly old models, even built machines with poor quality. The risk of damage during use is quite high.

Inside, the iPhone 6 Plus uses an Apple A8 chip based on the rather old 20 nm process plus only 1GB of RAM and 16/64/128GB of internal memory. iPhone 6 Plus launched with iOS 8 and stopped at the iOS 12.5.6 update. Overall, it’s just enough to make calls, read news, and watch basic videos. But applications to network, watch videos are in the process of discontinuing support for iPhone 6 Plus.

In terms of camera, iPhone 6 Plus has an 8 MP camera that fully supports optical stabilization and phase detection focus – something many low-cost smartphones in 2022 do not have. In certain shooting contexts, the iPhone 6 Plus still outperforms cheap smartphones. However, 16GB machine capacity is too low and can hardly help you store much.

Obviously if you look at the design, the iPhone 6 Plus is too old. But Apple is still using this design in a smaller form on the iPhone SE 3. So even though it’s old, the iPhone 6 Plus is not too outdated. When on hand. It will be difficult for anyone to know if you have an iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus.

However, in terms of functionality, the configuration of the iPhone 6 Plus is now too old. It mostly works fine with basic features like calling, texting or watching news. Watching online videos via Youtube with iPhone 6 Plus is gradually getting more difficult, and using iPhone 6 Plus is almost impossible to play games today.

Therefore, you should not buy iPhone 6/Plus in March 2023 because it is too old, of poor quality and weak in terms of performance.

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