Justice League Snyder Cut is so successful, CEO Warner Bros.  still determined to remove Zack Snyder from the DCEU’s plan

Justice League Snyder Cut is so successful, CEO Warner Bros. still determined to remove Zack Snyder from the DCEU’s plan


2021-03-25 16:31:25

Just days after Justice League Snyder Cut officially aired on HBO Max, CEO Ann Sarnoff of WarnerMedia and Warner Bros., confirmed that the studio did not have any plans for Zack Snyder’s sequels (or also known by fans as SnyderVerse). That means that the recently released movie will most likely be Snyder’s last work in the DCEU, and his initial vision for the cinematic universe has been taken over by Warner Bros. dismissed.

Sharing with Variety, Sarnoff said the studio was happy that Zack Snyder was able to fulfill his original plan. Snyder Cut is the end for the trilogy that he has always cherished. Don’t be too happy, the “trilogy” here is not the 3 Justice League parts fans expected, but the three male-directed films that contributed to DECU, including the Man of Steel (also the opening project for the dance). this superhero pillar), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and finally Justice League. In the words of Sarnoff, it seems that Snyder’s journey in the DCEU has come to an end, and the studio is looking to a future with many other film and television projects, not following his vision.

Zack Snyder has completed his trilogy for DCEU, and Warner Bros. probably don’t need him anymore.

Specifically, the female CEO said: “I really appreciate the love the fans give to Zack’s works, and am also very grateful for his contributions to the DCEU. We’re delighted that Zack has successfully implemented his version of Justice League, because it was not part of our original plan until about a year ago. This is also the complete work of Zack’s trilogy project. We’re thrilled to have it done, and are also extremely excited by the plans for all the DC characters in all the different dimensions we’re working on.“.

Warner Bros. ‘new move. Although it may make fans fall short, it is not too surprising after what happened recently, especially the relationship between Zack Snyder and the studio in recent months. Both sides confirmed that they have no plans to produce any more works according to Snyder’s vision after Snyder Cut airs (that’s why the male director has “spoiled” the entire Justice of Justice). League 2 and Justice League 3 in recent interviews). Besides, Zack Snyder himself also stated that he does not want to make comic adaptations anymore, at least in the near future.

Justice League Snyder Cut is so successful, CEO Warner Bros.  still determined to remove Zack Snyder from the DCEU's plans - Photo 2.

Warner Bros. wants to build his superhero movie universe in a different direction, while Zack Snyder is “a little bored” of the comic-book genre.

On the other hand, although Snyder Cut received a lot of positive fan reviews, Warner Bros. still consider the new Justice League 2017 to be what really happened in the DCEU, and they have planned sequels based on this version. In addition, they are embracing the ambition to build more cinematic universes, revolving around different characters instead of focusing solely on the DCEU. The most visible example is The Batman directed by Matt Reeves, released in 2022, will be the personal universe of Batman version of Robert Pattinson. The multiverse is what Warner Bros. is working on it, and it’s really different from what Zack Snyder initially calculated.

However, with the power of the fan community, anything is possible in the future. Remember, Justice League Snyder Cut was able to debut thanks to their persistent, persistent efforts against 1 Warner Bros. too tough with his decision.

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