Justin Sun aims to make TRX a multinational, AI-integrated currency for TRON in 2023

Justin Sun aims to make TRX a multinational, AI-integrated currency for TRON in 2023

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2023-01-30 01:20:42

Justin Sun’s ambitious goal of making TRX a multinational payment vehicle will be launched in 5 countries.

Justin Sun and his dream of making TRX a legal means of payment for multinationals

In his latest tweet on his Twitter page, TRON blockchain founder Justin Sun has “set KPIs” in 2023 to make TRX legal tender in 5 countries. Starting with Dominica in October 2022, the country’s government has recognized TRON-based coins as official currency and used TRON to develop CBDCs. Earlier this week, a member of parliament proposed adopting Tron as the national blockchain of the eastern Caribbean island of St.Maarten.

Widespread adoption of TRON in countries around the world will boost the coverage and value of cryptocurrencies.

Sun stated that:

“When the government recognizes a digital currency as legal tender, it provides a sense of trust and security to the public, making that coin more likely to invest and use.”

For Justin Sun, this will not only “benefit the entire ecosystem” but will also boost demand for TRX, which in turn is driving the token price up.

The TRON co-founder does not deny the importance of crypto regulations on the US side, and if the rest of the world accepts TRON as legal tender, the US will eventually follow suit. Therefore, Sun insists it is necessary to implement this on a global scale and build partnerships with governments and businesses around the world.

In addition, the founder also has the ambition to integrate AI for his blockchain network. According to the announcement, the platform is establishing an in-depth artificial intelligence research team and collaborating with many major players in the field.

Sun said that the combination of AI and cryptocurrency is a very natural interaction, as crypto will help AI receive payments and operate easily in a decentralized environment.

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