Justin Sun founded JUST NFT Fund – The indestructible passion of a “player”

Justin Sun founded JUST NFT Fund – The indestructible passion of a “player”


2021-04-01 11:19:26

Justin Sun, founder of TRON and CEO of BitTorrent, has emerged as a famous player in the NFT market through his recent acquisitions and moves. Therefore, to satisfy his passion, Justin Sun established JUST NFT fund to bring openness and legitimacy to the NFT market.

The foundation’s intention is to create the world’s top works of art on blockchain. He said he will work with famous artists to advise the fund. JUST NFT will build a bridge between blockchain and the world’s top artists, supporting the development of NFT artists in the crypto world.

As recent interest in the NFT skyrocketed, traders have become apprehensive that lower quality is flooding the market. The JUST NFT Foundation will seek to address these concerns by focusing primarily on problems of long-term market value.

To this end, the foundation is focusing on the world’s top artists and works of art. In practice, this means that the fund will buy the work for no less than $ 1 million, with an average price of around $ 10 million. The foundation will also include art market specialists from traditional institutions like Christie and Sotheby.

Justin Sun has become an extremely popular person in the NFT market. Just from a simple NFT tweet offered by Sun to $ 2 million to Beeple’s most sought-after art NFT in his hands very quickly with $ 6 million, is enough to show the incredible degree of generosity of This “player”.

Besides, Sun also stated that the blockchain project Tron, will try to become the leading flag of the industry in the NFT. He plans to create a series of artworks that have been recently auctioned off and claim their ownership on the Tron public chain according to the TRC-721 standard.

The Tron founder has declared his intention for works to be permanently preserved on the Tron blockchain and the BTFS decentralized storage system. The establishment of JUST NFT Fund will certainly contribute to this effort.

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