Karate mixed with magic in the context of modern Tokyo is possessed by demons

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2022-01-05 10:33:18

From the father of the Resident Evil series, Shinji Mikami, Ghostwire: Tokyo will still retain the haunting ghost that exists in the RE game series, while bringing new breaths of the modern timeline. At E3 2019, we saw the first images of Ghostwire: Tokyo, but the development of the game has been turbulent for the past 2 years.

The project director, the short-haired girl who captivated fans, Ikumi Nakamura officially left the Tango Gameworks studio in September 2019. In March 2020, she confided that working conditions had caused Nakamura’s physical breakdown.

Former project director, Ikumi Nakamura.

You can’t make games if you don’t feel well“, former project director Nakamura confessed about his health condition, and that going to E2 2019 was like a dive in deep water. “I wonder if there’s a way to make the game and try at the same time [cải thiện sức khỏe] Are not. I made the decision to quit my job before it was too late“.

Without Ikumi Nakamura, the potential game Ghostwire: Tokyo had to stop midway, and missed the release schedule in 2021. Currently, the project has been handed over to director Kenji Kimura. In the “team” of game development, it is possible to mention the director of fighting style Shinichiro Hara, who has collaborated in the production of the successful project DOOM 2016. Looking at this fact, we can see the quality of the game. Hidden action in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Indeed, with a character possessing supernatural powers and firing moves in the form of energy bullets, it can be seen that Ghostwire: Tokyo will be a game full of action elements.

The latest trailer for Ghostwire: Tokyo.

In the trailer you just watched, you can see the ghostly appearance of Ghostwire: Tokyo; The bold images of “Japanese ghosts” in a neon-lit Tokyo city will be a delicious hot pot of ancient and modern, an attractive art style to players.

Bethesda's upcoming blockbuster:

Witches in the game.

Bethesda's upcoming blockbuster:

You can pet dogs in Ghostwire: Tokyo.

Bethesda's upcoming blockbuster:

Looks like this will be the villain in the game.

Bethesda's upcoming blockbuster:

Another witch lurks in the fictional Tokyo.

The player’s current task is only to discover what is happening with the magnificent capital Tokyo. We do not know the plot of the game, but with a modern context, a fighting style that combines martial arts and magic, facing the hideous creatures of Asian demons, Ghostwire is certain: Tokyo will be an attractive blockbuster.

The game is published by Bethesda, and is expected to land on major platforms such as PC, PlayStation and Xbox.

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